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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drops into Europe on 20th July

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Confirmation at last

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance hit Japanese stores on 29th March, even causing a jump in 3DS sales when it was released. After a long wait we finally have news on a release date outside of Japan, with the title set to land in European stores on 20th July.

In his Nintendo Direct presentation Satoru Shibata reiterated some well-known facts about the game, primarily that you play as Sora and Riku, with special mention for the fact that over 50 types of spirits can be recruited as allies.

There's no news yet of a North American release date, but we'll keep an eye out for any announcements.

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GamerDude said:

Awesome!!!!!!!!! But i have one question,do i need to play the others to understand the story? If not ill buy straight away!



DeMoN-13ruce said:

well i think not there will be a movie theatre wich shows the most important things from previous titles. so i guess not.



JustAnotherUser said:

So many games... sigh
Why do so many great games have to come out at the same time...
Needles to say I'll be buying this as soon as possible.



Pokefanmum82 said:

It is coming out in North America on July 31st. I have 3 games that month. It was announced at the same time as the rhythm final fantasy game on



Beta said:

@mumof2kids82: Actually, it's coming July 30.
@GamerDude: Not really. You see, there's an in-game part called "Memoir" which has the summary for all past KH stories, that way, newbies can still enjoy the new game's story and understanding everything. That's what Nomura said in one of his interviews.



hYdeks said:

wow u can tell this is a european website, the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D was released before europes, it's July 31st



Djrr-ific said:


Nintendolife does also always post the US release date, I think they just accidentally missed this one.. No big deal..



Millenia said:

@GamerDude The story of KH is surprisingly elaborate... but do some research beforehand and I'm sure you'll figure some stuff out along the way. Don't hold back just because of this, immerse yourself into the series and if you want to know more then experience the other titles as well!



DeMoN-13ruce said:

this series is way to good to let it go i found out about kingdom hearts at my grandma (YES THIS IS TRUE) she thought it was just a normaldisney game... well i played it and when i was further in the game it was so good and the disney characters are just a bonus the combat etc is epic and each new game it gets improved so it'sreally worth it:)

worth buying great game series but still own choice.



ImSora said:

@GamerDude Pretty much you should play the others... they are amazing anyway. You can easily buy 358/2 days and re coded for the ds and play them on your 3ds. I definitely recommend getting a ps2 and playing kh1 and kh2 also.

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