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Fan Documentary Explores Ocarina of Time Development

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The story of a masterpiece

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64 is a definitive game in Nintendo history, though opinions naturally vary on whether it should be regarded as one of the finest games ever produced. Regardless of where you stand on the subject, it undoubtedly revolutionised The Legend of Zelda as a series, bringing it into 3D for the first time.

It's not surprising that a game as substantial as this had a lengthy and intriguing development process, and YouTube user Adam Hendrickson, aka HappehLemons, has begun work on a series of documentaries to show the history of the project. With details on early development builds, the first trailers and insights into ideas left on the cutting room floor, these videos provide a lot of interesting information on how The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time came to be developed.

Two parts have been completed, included below for you, with a third part on the way.

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Incognito_D said:

I was watching this the other day. It's really informative and well put together for a fan-made documentary. well worth a watch!



SLiM said:

I remember waiting several years for the game. May have to watch this documentary.



Ren said:

very nice. Looks like it was a lot of work from a dedicated fan. Too bad there seems to be no budget to secure some real interviews with developers and Nintendo people and others in gaming at the time about it's influence/design etc. (also some prettier HD quality). This is top notch for a fan made film, though.
This is the kind of film that Nintendo should have paid someone to make before it's 3ds release, it would bring so much more attention to it's importance as an influence on gaming overall.



Luigi_is_better said:

Great videos; lots of info. You can tell he's a huge fan. Man, the music brings back so many memories...I need to play through OOT 3D again!



HaNks said:

very well produced videos....great watch for all i'd imagine!

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