Putting aside the nonsense from the weekend, here are the three young trainers who emerged victorious from the UK Pokémon Video Game Championships.

Rubén Puig Lecegui successfully defended his title in the Masters Division, which includes anyone born in or before 1996. Last year Puig lost in the semi-final to reigning world champion Ray Rizzo, but he'll be back for another shot in Hawaii this August.

George Langford is the Senior champ — the division includes those born between 1997 and 2000, inclusive — and tournament newcomer Ahren Bundy emerged victorious in the Junior Division for those born in or after 2001.

All three will head off to the finals in Hawaii to see if they can bring the championship back to the UK. In the coming weeks the tournament travels to Germany, France, Spain and Italy before culminating in Hawaii from 10th - 12th August.