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Mon 5th Mar 2012

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Melkor commented on UK Pokémon Video Game Champions Crowned:

@James Newton: Two small details, fyi:
1.- The actual name of the Spanish champion is Rubén Puig Lecegui. Note the "Puig", not the "Puis".
2.- Names in Spanish don't work in the same way as in English. The surname of Rubén es "Puig Lecegui", not only "Lecegui". We keep both father's and mother's first surname to form our own two-word surname. As a result, you should have said something like "last year, Puig Lecegui lost in the semi-final", or better "last year, Puig lost in the semi-final". That's why I tend to keep my second surname out of professional e-mails when English-speaking people are involved, just to avoid this mistake.