Now look what you've done!

This past weekend saw the Pokémon Video Game Championships hit Birmingham, UK, with teams travelling from all over Europe for a shot at the prize. While the event itself went off without a hitch, Ruben Puis Lecegui defending his title to secure a trip to Hawaii, we've heard rumblings of an unpleasant occurrence along the way.

PokéChamp21 on the Pokémon World forums posted about an unsavoury incident involving the Spanish team, a hotel corridor and human faeces. PokéChamp21 wrote:

After 30-40min in my room relaxing with a quick snooze I awoke to the sound of banging comming from down the hall from where the 'Spanish Team' were staying in. It seems that at some point after they had turned up and when we went to Wether Spoons the Spniards had decided to have a 'Poo' fight in the corridor and this had upset the staff and several guests (naturally) at the hotel enough to call the Police and have them leave.

We've also heard accounts of this sorry story from other sources in attendance at the tournament. Certainly not the sort of thing you'd expect to happen at a Pokémon event, let's face it.