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Rayman Origins 3DS Pushed Back in Europe

Posted by James Newton

Summer date

Ubisoft's pushed the 3DS version of Rayman Origins back to June for Europe.

The platformer was originally supposed to be released today but instead Ubi's now put an 8th June release date on the platformer. No reason for the delay has been given.

Over in North America, still lists the game for 20th March but there's no listing for the game on Amazon or GameStop. has the game down for a vague Spring 2012 release.

We've contacted Ubisoft and will update if and when we hear back.


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blackknight77 said:

I played the demo on the PS3 and the graphics were stunning and on top of that the game was fun too. I hope a 3DS version is on the way still.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Nintendo is probably asking everyone to put as much in their games as possible for the 3DS. I wouldnt be surprised if some extra stuff was put on the 3DS.



Lunapplebloom said:

That's to bad. Hopefully it doesn't kick the bucket like other games that were supposed to be on it but failed to reach production.



Megumi said:

Man I hope I'll be able to get this game next week...its weird that some stores don't have the game. but Best Buy is taking preorders. o_0 (its $30)



Corbs said:

After the absolutely stunning Vita version of the game, I'd rather them get this 3DS version right. I'm really looking forward to playing the game in 3D depth and using the 3DS d-pad. But it's gonna be a long wait until June.



Megumi said:

Screw it, I'm getting the Wii version...I have Kid Icarus to deal with on my 3DS anyways lol.



RevolverLink said:

I feel terrible that Rayman Origins probably is going to sell just as poorly on the 3DS as it did on the home consoles. This game deserved so much better.

Michel Ancel has had some rotten luck retail; his two greatest games (Rayman Origins and Beyond Good & Evil) have been completely screwed over by poorly-timed release dates.



V8_Ninja said:

A 4-month delay? That seems oddly long. I can't believe that they would be working on adding anything since some stores must have gotten copies by now, and resending brand new copies would be expensive.



Megumi said:

@13: The game did poorly? Really?...That sucks. :/
Anyways getting the Wii version tonight. >.> lol



SaSoBe said:

I went to a store today to pick this up, only to have a clerk look at me strangely and tell me it's not being released today. Thanks a lot.

Perhaps I'll get it for Wii instead...



RevolverLink said:

@Eureka : Oh yeah, the game only moved 50k copies combined across the 3 home platforms in its first month in the US and the price for it has plummeted ever since.

Apparently it's still managed to become profitable for Ubisoft, but it hasn't been anywhere close to the mega-seller it deserves to be.



DreamOn said:

A real heartbreaker of a discovery. Still gonna wait to play this until the 3DS version is released it should look and play fantastic if put out with with pride.



shimage said:

Eh. I was going to get it on 3DS, but then got tired of waiting and picked up the Wii version for $20 shipped. I was a bit worried about the dev that's handling the port, and it seems my concerns were founded.



Vincent294 said:

@RevolverLink I know. Ubisoft needs to get things done better. Do you think I'd neglect finding out what Call of Duty's all about than getting my Rayman fix? No, I gave MW3 a shot, and I'm very pleased, but I doubt seeing myself lined up for another console one for a while, though a 3DS one would be a must-buy.



Squashie said:

I'm not really sure if I will be buying the 3DS version! I already own the Wii and Xbox 360 (Boo! Xbox) versions!

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