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Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone Confirmed for 3DS in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time travelling and sports finally together

The Inazuma Eleven series is unlikely to be well-known outside of Japan due to significant delays in localisation for European releases, while North America has missed out entirely. With the second title's Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm and Blizzard dual-release due at the end of this week in Europe, it may surprise some that the fifth entry in the series has just been confirmed for Japan.

With three DS entries already released, Inazuma Eleven GO brought the series to 3DS in December 2011, and the follow up has already been confirmed in Coro Coro Comics. As translated by Andriasang, Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone will follow the events of the first 3DS title, with the hero Tenma returning to school. Details around the game include characters such as Fey Rune, a boy who's come from the future and Wonderbat, an android teddy bear. With villains trying to take football — or soccer for those of you outside Europe — from the world, its up to the heroes to travel through time and save the sport they love.

It's also worth mentioning that Wonderbat the android teddy bear will change colour from blue to pink when excited, serving as an 'Exciting Gauge'. Those of us outside Japan may need to wait a long time for this title, but surely Wonderbat alone will make it worth the price of admission.


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Terra said:

I love Football but couldn't quite get into Inazuma Eleven sadly. Something about the series just didn't click for me



Raylax said:

Will arrive in European stores months before planned release, to the suprise of everyone, including Nintendo.

Not because of time travel, just because of past experience.



FonistofCruxis said:

This is actually the sixth game in the series as there was Inazuma eleven strikers on Wii. Also, some anime and Japanese games have characters with unusual hair styles but the characters in this game have some of the weirdest and the guy on the far right looks like he's staring into our souls with those lifeless eyes!



RR529 said:

Not much of a surprise that the series hasn't seen a release here in the U.S., since Soccer isn't very popular here. While it does have an audience, it's nowhere near as popular as Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, or even Hockey.

From what I've seen, over the past couple years, our sports media has been trying to push it (trying to make it more popular), but most of the people I know are annoyed by the coverage than anything. I think I only know of one person whom is a fan of the sport, and that's because he played it in high school.

I myself am not trying to say it's bad, it's just for whatever reason, it hasn't really clicked with mainstream Americans.



Red-acteur said:

Hey, the first RPG I would totally be for the bad guys ^^ (sorry, that was an easy troll comming from a guy who isn't fan of football, though likes the games)

Oh and an Rpg about time travel and music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda... Where have I seen that before ?



Bankai said:

Only 9 comments?

For shame, NintendoLife. This is the best thing to happen to the 3DS this side of Dynasty Warriors! D:



stipey said:

The ridiculous thing about how badly this game does outside of Japan is that it's really not a game for football lovers at all. It reminds me more of something like Dragonball-Z, with its over-the-top villains and ridiculously powered up energy attacks.

I'd say that if you're someone who doesn't just play Professor Layton for the puzzles, you can understand how you could love Inazuma Eleven without necessarily enjoying football.

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