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Rumour: UK Racing Studio Makes Big Wii U Commitment

Posted by James Newton

Who could it be?

Tucked away in Develop's story about the Wii U's graphical power is this little nugget of information:

Develop also understands that a prominent UK racing studio has committed to support Wii U with one project each year.

We reported earlier this week that Slightly Mad Studios is working on Wii U, bringing Project CARS to the console, but it's not the only UK team renowned for its racing games.

Sheffield studio Sumo Digital has worked on franchises including F1 2011 and Out Run, and a recent rumour suggested the team is preparing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2 for 3DS and Wii U.

There's also Codemasters, developer of the DiRT, Race Driver, F1 and other big name racing games. DiRT was one of the first third party Wii U games announced at E3 2011.

Which team do you reckon has made a long-term pledge to Wii U?


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Metal_Slugger said:

More racers!!!!! I love them and other than Mario Kart Nintendo seemed to be lacking them lately.



AVahne said:

The lack of racers would be less if Nintendo would just make a new F-Zero already. I'm guessing they're waiting for Wii U to release so they can finally make an ultra nice looking F-Zero (even better than GX) that can have 32 racers (or more) going at ridiculously blazing fast speeds offline and online at 60 FPS.



Ryno said:

Like others have said, the only racer I want for the Wii U is F-Zero



antster1983 said:

Sumo all the way! Let's crank up the Def Leppard for the Sheffield studio!

Let's get, let's let, let's get, let's get rocked! ♫



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I want a new Space Channel 5 game NOW!
just kidding. but yea, another space channel 5 game wouldn't be too bad about now



gyyrro said:

I just want a new F-zero..
then ice climbers 2
then startropics 3
and all my childhood dreams will come true.



James said:

@mayoman95 It's just the DiRT franchise in general that's coming: the next game is called DiRT Showdown for instance



ImDiggerDan said:

Don't forget Eutechnyx. I seem to think all they do is racers, but nobody ever seems to have heard of them or know what they make.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If i had to decide for one it would be Codemasters. I'd love a great new rally game.
I don't hope i have to though and all kinds of different racing games will come to the WiiU. Realistic ones, arcade racers, Mario Kart, F-Zero, Trackmania, Excitebots, MotoHeroz, Destruction Derby, ...
With options of retail and downloadable games it's hard not to get excited here. Wouldn't mind more of 'em on the 3DS either.



Raylax said:

Please be Codemasters. Or someone making an F-Zero entry.

Or Codemasters making an F-Zero entry.



Mayhem said:

When I saw the headline, I'm hoping it's Sumo or Criterion heh...

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