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There Are How Many Mii Characters Worldwide?

Posted by James Newton

Quite a lot, it turns out

Wii launched five years ago, unleashing an army of cheery little caricatures called Mii characters. How many of the little folks have made it across the world though? Nearly 214 million, according to Nintendo, and that's not including Miis on 3DS.

The staggering facts don't end there: Nintendo Europe claims that the number of Mii characters in Europe is over 73.2m, meaning there are more Miis than there are people living in France, the UK and Italy, apparently.

If the 213.8m Miis around the world decided to create their own country — and we know we're stretching things now — they'd populate the fifth-largest country in the world by population, behind fourth place Indonesia's 237m residents.

Here's a chart with interesting numbers, followed by a press release about Mii characters.



Now almost 214 million Nintendo Mii characters worldwide

7th December 2011 – 2011 research from Nintendo of Europe has revealed that the total number of Mii™ characters created by players across Europe on Wii™ now exceeds 73.2million* – more than the populations of France, the United Kingdom and Italy or more than Spain and The Netherlands combined. A Mii is an individual, personalised character created to play games on Wii and more recently on Nintendo 3DS™**

The global Mii population is a staggering 213.8 million[1] meaning that if all the Mii characters were to form a country it would have the fifth largest population in the world and would sit above Brazil, Nigeria and Pakistan. The European Mii population is so large that if it was a country of its own it would be the second largest country in Europe after Germany***. Since its launch in 2006, 89.36 million Wii consoles have been sold across the globe****.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing & PR at Nintendo of Europe, comments: “Our research shows that Europeans clearly enjoy playing with their Mii characters. With Mii Maker and StreetPass Mii Plaza features on Nintendo 3DS, more people will be able to enjoy the experience of creating and sharing their own Mii characters.”

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HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Those are some impressive stats. I think my Wii has maybe 150 Miis on it in an eight-person family, so that makes sense.



NintyMan said:

Goodness, that's impressive and interesting. Who knows how big that number would get if 3DS Miis were included? Could there be 7 billion Miis someday?

Really, this might not be a stretch given the huge amount of Wiis sold worldwide, and the 3DS is about to surpass the number of DSs sold in its first year, if not already. I have 90 something Miis in my Wii and ported many of them to the 3DS along with new ones. I imagine the North American numbers would be even bigger than Europe's.



Picola said:

@James - I think you need to remove the word 'combined' from the article - the UK has a population of about 60m alone. Italy and France are somewhere around 60m each as well, I believe.



stromboli said:

@5 - yeah, you are right lol. James needs to improve his reading comprehension skills. "more than the populations of France, the United Kingdom and Italy or more than Spain and The Netherlands combined.", it's just Spain and The Netherlands combined, or each, separately.



hamae said:

Aren't there like over 90million Wii sold worldwide? 214M seems a bit low then. I would think even casual gamers would make at least 4-5 Mii for the whole family & friends. And most of us here have a few dozens easily



SLiM said:

Wish I could claim Mii characters as dependents on my tax return.



motang said:

Netherlands is pretty low on the list, come people make more Miis!



James said:

Nah, James's reading comprehension skills are fine, he just needs to learn how to add up



alLabouTandroiD said:

Loved taking part in the competitons on the Check Mii Out Channel. When i reached the maximum number of Mii's in the Mii Channel i couldn't part with any of 'em though. So i just stopped going there.
Since then i've only made a Mii of myself for the 3DS. If Ninty would do another channel like this on the 3DS i'd take part again in a heartbeat.

PS: Huge props to the guy who made a Bud Spencer Mii on his 3DS. In combination with his StreetPass greeting it's amazingly hilarious.



SkywardLink98 said:

I have something like 300 for a 6 person family. My brothers hobby was making miis for awhile so we reached our 100 mii limit in about a week. Then we had to move them over to the parade for our friends miis. Now we have something like 284 in our parade on 26 in our plaza.



Smooth27 said:

They should add a ''Mii Plaza Market'' or something like that so we can purchase mii clothes like a mario or batman shirt or diferrent color pants,masks, hats or novelties for 0lay couns and instead of 300 limit PC's it should be 500 and instead of 10 coins per day, 20 instead. This can make people more creative with their mii's and even more attached to their 3ds's therefore people would carry their 3ds with them more often, equals more streetpasses and at the same time it will probably make lazy people get up and do things while to get their coins. Overall more fun, more word to mout which equals more 3ds's beung sold.

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