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EB Down Under Sells Super Mario 3D Land Early

Posted by James Newton

Ask and thy shall receive

Australia's release delay woes have been well documented, but retailer EBGames is doing its best to take the sting out of it by selling Super Mario 3D Land early.

While the game is down for an official release in Australia this Thursday, Vooks reports that branches of the retailer will sell the game as soon as it arrives in store: indeed, several stores have already sold the game to eager Aussies.

Want to get Mario early? All you have to do is ask.


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Aviator said:

Gametraders was the first to start selling early actually, though they didn't order their stock locally.

Because Nintendo doesn't support gametraders, they import their Nintendo products and everyone follows suite.



RedYoshi999 said:

@2 Not in Australia they didn't. Maybe one day they will change to Gamestop but for now there aren't any. Anyway I hope my pre order comes in early, I didn't get it from EB Games though so all the other retailers have to follow suit for me to get mine.



Bankai said:

Breaking street dates. Stay classy, guys. You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you.



Robeson64 said:

The game should of been released in Aus earlier. Thanks Eb / Gametraders for speeding up the process



skywake said:

Oh wow, I was at EBs today (hunting for streetpasses) and was kinda tempted to ask about Super Mario 3D Land. Knew Gametraders had broken release which also happened for OoT 3D and EB was fairly quick to follow.

I guess I'm not that annoyed, I wasn't planning on getting it at launch...... if it was Skyward Sword I'd be annoyed....



BenAV said:

Got a text message from EB Games today saying that I can go and pick up the copy that I preordered.
Would have done it today if I had the money, but unfortunately it has to wait until the morning.
Now only if I could pick up Skyward Sword early too...



StarDust4Ever said:

I thought there were laws against doing this. The reason stores recueve stock early is to prevent unforseen delays to ensure everywhere they have the games in on time.



Aviator said:

But when one company isn't sold stock locally, how is that fair for them?



timp29 said:

This pretty much comes down to Gametraders importing from UK and selling early. They did the same thing for Ocarina of Time, which allowed me to pick up an early copy. On the flip side, you could say Nintendo brings this on themselves, by having release dates that are 7 days later than other regions.

I actually rang gametraders and specifically asked about Skyward Sword, to see if I could hurry up my preorder from JB Hifi. The guy on the other end said something along the lines of 'no I didn't get stock form the UK, really wish I had'



alLabouTandroiD said:

I only hope this shows Ninty that Australian gamers at least deserve to get games the same day they are released in Europe.



Thwiidscube said:

I thought it was illegal to sell games early. I know when I went to a midnight launch of the 3DS in March at a GameStop, they said they couldn't sell the system before 11:59:59 PM...

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