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Circle Pad Pro Hits Europe in January 2012

Posted by James Newton

Resi bundle confirmed

It's official: the 3DS Circle Pad Pro accessory is coming to Europe on 27th January 2012.

The add-on launches on the same day as Resident Evil Revelations, one of the first games that supports the extra attachment to reach European shores.

The accessory will be available on its own or in a limited edition bundle with the game, both for as-yet unspecified prices.

Will you grab the game and Circle Pad Pro together?


Find out when Resident Evil: Revelations & the Circle Pad Pro accessory launches for Nintendo 3DS

30th November, 2011 – Prepare for a survival horror experience when Resident Evil™: Revelations launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS™ system across Europe on 27th January 2012. Developed by Capcom® specifically to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS features, Resident Evil: Revelations will be available to players across Europe as a stand alone game and as a special limited edition bundle* which also includes the new Circle Pad Pro accessory. Get ready for Resident Evil: Revelations to deliver a true return to classic Resident Evil™ survival horror gameplay.

Set in 2005, Resident Evil: Revelations uncovers truths from the Resident Evil storyline between Resident Evil™ 4 and Resident Evil™ 5 and is packed with terrifying moments that deliver a constant fear of the unknown through an intense canon storyline which is full of depth.

Intertwining story themes work together to build a brand new narrative with new locations and characters bringing intrigue and suspense around every corner. Series favourite characters from previous Resident Evil games return including Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield plus new BSAA members and head of the BSAA Clive R. O’#Brian and mysterious agent Raymond Vester

Jill Valentine and BSAA partner Parker Luciani have been sent to search for Chris Redfield, whose last known GPS data positions him as being onboard a supposedly abandoned cruise ship. Danger hides around every corner as you explore the confined space of the ship and face a menacing new enemies and virus; the T-Abyss.

Resident Evil: Revelations heralds the return of classic Resident Evil game play. In Campaign Mode you can investigate a range of different locations including the dark cramped spaces of a cruise ship and some treacherous snow covered mountains. With limited ammo and weapons, you fight off the infected enemies that lurk around every corner.

The brand new Raid Mode offers a different kind of Resident Evil gameplay experience, separate to the main campaign story, in either solo or co-op play. Compete in single player or two player co-op as Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield on a variety of missions to defeat enemies. Earn points for the enemies you attack and select from a range of upgrades to improve your weapon’s performance as well as levelling up your character. Both Campaign Mode and Raid Mode will provide players with a rich experience full of depth that will keep players continually engrossed in the game

Built from the ground up specifically to make the best use of the Nintendo 3DS capabilities, players can now add a fourth control scheme to their Nintendo 3DS gameplay experience with the new Circle Pad Pro accessory which attached to the Nintendo 3DS system. Use specific button combinations for more effective or expert play, or as a traditional “twin-stick shooter”. You can also make use of the Touch Screen to solve puzzles, switch between weapons more easily and check out the labyrinthine map.

Experience this intense survival horror which is only available on your Nintendo 3DS system when Resident Evil: Revelations launches across Europe on 27th January 2012 as a stand alone game and as a limited edition bundle which includes a copy of the game and the new Circle Pad Pro accessory.

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BenAV said:

I'm buying the game and I'm buying the Circle Pad Pro so the bundle makes sense to me.



jkgatling said:

I'll buy the bundle, the game looks AMAZING and I am fine with the attachment



alLabouTandroiD said:

I really haven't made my mind up how much more i'm willing to pay for a bundle yet. 5 € more than for the game alone would be great, i don't know if i'd pay more. Also depends on how awesome the bundle looks.

The info text above should have mentioned that the Raid Mode is only available after you beat the game solo imo. From reading it i'd get the impression that you can just start playing right out of the box. This will annoy a lot of people who thought otherwise.



Shworange said:

If they are bundling the two, are they releasing bundles with different colors to match your 3DS color? It would be rediculous for me have to attach a black expansion pad to my red 3DS, and so far I've only seen pictures of the expansion in black.



Blaze said:

Looks like I'll be getting this bundle. The only bad thing is that I'll have to get rid off my Nyko Power Pak. Goodbye 10 hour gaming sessions.



Tasuki said:

Is there other colors for the circle pad? If it only comes in black than I will pass on it since I have the flare red 3DS.



M00se said:

do you have to use this expansion? anyway atleast this thing is like $25 unlike ps vita which has memory cards for $120!!!!



lex0plex said:

I'm not buying any add-ons for my 3DS. Next year I guarantee they will release a 3DS lite or something similar with 2 circles pads and longer battery life all built in. The price of this accessory, the battery pack accessory and the $ I get from selling my current 3DS will pay for most of the upgraded system. I can wait

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