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We Like These Tiny Pinball Tables and Arcade Cabinets

Posted by James Newton

Flipping cool

Nintendo curiosities often fascinate, and these tiny replica arcade cabinets and pinball tables certainly fit the bill.

The 1/12th scale models available to buy at Retro Heart includes classic Nintendo titles like Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros. and plenty more. Each model is individually hand-made, with glossy vinyl graphics and little details: coin slots and locks are all present and correct.

If you always dreamed of your own arcade but couldn't afford it, having a tiny replica on your desk is probably the next best thing.


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LittleIrves said:

@shinesprite Is Pinball Hall of Fame not proper enough? Love me some Funhouse, Whirlwind, and... GORGAR. (The play-your-3DS-upside-down trick is pretty neat, too.)



HipsterDashie said:

Wish these were real working units, then they'd be perfect. As they are though, they're very cool!



Sean_Aaron said:

These are really nice. Great to see both Defender upright and pinball in the list. The prices aren't bad either; special for the arcade cabs is 10 for £99!

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