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Tales of the Abyss 3DS Journeys to North America on 14th February

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Better late than never

We recently reported that Tales of the Abyss, the 3DS enhanced remake of the well-regarded PlayStation 2 RPG, will hit PAL regions on 25th November, and Namco Bandai has now confirmed that the game will make it to North America a few months later on 14th February. Valentine's Day just got a little bit more epic.

Do you plan on picking this up when it releases?

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. has released new screen shots for Tales of the Abyss for the Nintendo 3DS system. The new assets focus on Guy, Anise and Natalia, three playable party members found through the game. Tales of the Abyss will be available in North America on February 14, 2012.

Tales of the Abyss, the critically-acclaimed PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system role playing game, is updated for the Nintendo 3DS system. The upcoming title delivers full 3D support and use of the dual screens to bring players closer to the action. Tales of the Abyss tells the story of Luke fon Fabre, sole heir to a family of aristocrats, as he is suddenly thrust into the outside world on an epic adventure. Naïve and spoiled by years of isolation, Luke struggles to learn of friendship, sacrifice, duty and of choice. With the fates of many in his hands, Luke's actions could ultimately save the world or bring about its very destruction.

The series’ trademark real-time battle system returns with increased mobility in the “Flex Range Linear Motion Battle System.” The updated battle system allows players to run in any direction while engaged in battle. Throughout the game, characters will learn AD Skills, acquired with the use of Capacity Cores, stat increasing items given out as characters level up. AD Skills can be equipped and unequipped at will during battles. The battle system also introduces Field of Fonons, a special system that allows players to charge elemental attacks through repeated use. Once the Field of Fonons is charged, players can execute a technique that corresponds to the elemental alignment represented on the screen to create an upgraded, powerful version of the attack.

Tales of the Abyss is developed by NAMCO TALES STUDIO LTD. and will be available for North America on February 14, 2012. In addition to Tales of the Abyss, NAMCO BANDAI Games America will also be releasing Tales of Graces f, exclusively for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system in 2012.

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Cipher said:

"I promise I won't be late for dinner, honey, there's just this game I've got to go and--hello?"



Flowerlark said:

This makes me want a 3DS. If I get one I know how I'll be spending my valentine's day. XD



Pokefanmum82 said:

well at least someone will get this game this year....i don't understand why we don't get until months later....probably won't be able to get this game next year since i have other things to buy come february. but we'll see.



zionich said:

I know what my Wife is getting me =)

Now if only Nintendo could take a cinder block to the head.
(I think were past hints)



Radbot42 said:

Too much stuff is coming out in November, I'm glad we're getting it in Feb



DarkLloyd said:

wow this and resident evil revelation and twisted metal and something else i cant remeber in the SAME month nice

day one , enough said



Azaris said:

I wonder if this means nl got my news tip about this yesterday or they found it on there own. I do wish the na date was closer to eu's(id mind eu's date being earlier but this much earlier is ugh)



gyyrro said:




gojiguy said:

Wow. I'll be out of the country by then.

Well, I suppose I could just buy a copy from a different region and play it on my 3Ds righ- oh wait.



AVahne said:

Would've gotten it if it released this year, but since it's releasing next year, there are other things I can get. It seems to be a direct port of the PS2 game instead of being a remake, or even an enhanced port. I'll wait for it to be $25



Spoony_Tech said:

To few rpgs on the system. Ill take a good one even if its a remake since I've never played this one and yes February is a good date since the cash is flowing tight right now!

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