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Now It's Getting Cold, Stay Warm with Game Boy Gloves

Posted by James Newton

Look cool, feel hot

Our readers in the Southern Hemisphere can comfortably look away now: this one's for the northerners currently approaching the chill of winter.

You know we love some Nintendo arts and crafts here, and these knitted Game Boy gloves by Nintendo Life reader MaDonna could be just the thing for keeping your hands warm during the crucial winter gaming season.

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JayArr said:

If I saw a girl wearing those I would be like, "YOU'RE MY SOUL-MATE! I LOOOOOVE YOU!" Then I would watch in horror as she punches me with them and runs away. D:




They don't cover the fingers though do they. I s'pose its allowing the fingers to be free for gaming...ahem



Omega said:

Madonna looks pretty young on this photo, so it was probably taken around 1975 or so.

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