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Metroid Remix Album Sounds Pretty Sweet So Far

Posted by James Newton

Samus it ever was

Next month marks the 25th anniversary of Metroid, and dedicated fan community ShineSparkers has just released a preview of remix album Harmony of a Hunter.

The OCRemix project contains tracks spanning Samus Aran's gaming history, from 8-bit to today, with styles ranging from electronic to choral. The snippets provided so far certainly sound good, with the full album due for release on 7th August as part of Metroid's 25th anniversary.

Of course we have plans to celebrate Metroid's milestone next month, so stay tuned for more!

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Noire said:

I saw this last night on MDB. Very cool; can't wait to download it~ Looking forward to celebrating Metroid's 25th, and I'm glad NL has things planned. I hope actual Nintendo does too.



Ai64 said:

Didn't see another 25th anniversary coming. Seems Mario and Zelda are celebrating well, but what about for Metroid? ^^



dizzy_boy said:

well, nintendo did overlook zelda`s 25th. so i`ll assume they`ll do the same for metroid.
it a shame, especially when nintendo could do so much, like competitions for things like signed concept art work from the games. or putting special metroid related stuff in the club nintendo catalogue for a while.
atleast the fans are willing to celebrate, even if nintendon`t.



VoltSlash said:

OCremix delivers. Again. Seriously, they should think about doing some bad remixes from time to time, their awesomeness is starting to get predictable XD



Capt_N said:

I like, d/l, & have a sizable collection of OCRemix stuff. Fan work is generally good.



phoenix1818 said:

It would be nice if Nintendo did something for Metroid like it has for Mario's and Zelda's anniversaries, but it sound like Nintendo's completely overlooked it.



Rensch said:

I doubt Nintendo is celebrating the 25th anniversary like they did with Mario and now with Zelda, which is just not doing the great Metroid series justice. Thankfully, fans are there to do so.



iPruch said:

Mario and Zelda series had their respectives 25th anniversaries, and I think Samus and Metroid series deserves a 25th anniversary as well. Why not, Nintendo? :<



JGMR said:

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the best videogame ever made.

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