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What Happens When Animal Crossing Meets Lost?

Posted by James Newton

And other questions answered

The world of video games contains more in-jokes than the Nintendo Life Hall of Fame, and the video below puts them in a slightly different environment to good effect.

Referencing games from Duck Hunt to Animal Crossing and everything in between, the video Jamais Vu! by Evan Seitz is an animated whirl through gaming's great and the good, with a few other cultural references tossed in for good measure: the perfect video for a Monday afternoon.

How many references did you spot?


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Link977 said:

Reminds me of Robot Chicken, but more family friendly... also strange to see the Beatles in there but I like em so no problem with it



DrDaisy said:

Where is that sound at the beginning from? It sounds awfully familiar, but I can't place it.



TKOWL said:

That was more random and more funny than an episode of Family Guy.



Molotov said:

"What Happens When Animal Crossing Meets Lost?"
That Weird Crappy Survival Game From EA... Yeah Yuck



TheActivityLog said:

Wait, that's not the Smoke Monster, it's John Locke!

Gosh...I have about a million questions for the upcoming Animal Crossing 3DS game.



Treetop said:

Omg i laughed so much at the rickroll gameboy and resetti that i almost peed my pants!

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