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There's Always Room for One More Mario Theme Tune Video

Posted by James Newton

It's just wafer thin

You've heard the Mario theme played on a Chipophone. A Japanese beatbox version? Heard that too. But a dude creating the whole Mario theme tune experience on his own, with drums, sound effects and more? That's new.

The video is the work of the talented Jack Conte, who takes the tune we all know, bolts on a big beat and lets the rest take care of itself. Enjoy.

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grenworthshero said:

Koji Kondo is amazing, and I forget sometimes how great of a composer he is until I see how deceptively complex is the music he writes. Also, Jack Conte is awesome. I almost didn't take the time to click on this link (it being almost 6 am, and I'm still awake) until I saw that.



Kosmo said:

The Mario Overworld tune must be one of the most remixed songs ever! And when Nintendo makes a great job with it (I'm thinking about Luigi's Mansion, in the music room) other great poeple use it too!
I'll never get tired of it...



daznsaz said:

nice would be good on an actual mario game like a speed run bonus level

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