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Aya and the Cubes of Light Speeds Towards Launch

Posted by James Newton

Developer cranks up the pace

Last August, developer Object Vision Software showed off Aya and the Cubes of Light for WiiWare, but the initial video drew many to comment on the game's slow pace. To its credit, the team decided to increase the game's speed, with the fruits of its labour now visible.

The video below shows Aya's quicker movement speed, with another requested feature making its way in: terminals now function as save points mid-level.

Aya and the Cubes of Light will soon be submitted to Nintendo lotcheck, so hopefully it won't be too long until the finished version hits WiiWare. We'll be bringing you a preview of the game before release as well as an in-depth review to let you know if it's worth your Points.

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For comparison, here's the original, slower gameplay video:

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Axoloth said:

It light speeds towards launch?
You'd think it would be here by now, then.



Scribbler said:

Well, obviously they couldn't increase velocity TOO much without messing with the core mechanics, especially since it's a puzzle platformer. If they did that, they might as well have started over from scratch, and when you have a REAL budget and REAL time constraints, starting from scratch is NOT something you can always afford to do.

Regardless, it looks pretty cool. It reminds me a little of the ill-fated Sega Saturn project, Sonic X-Treme (albeit slower paced).



MeloMan said:

It still doesn't seem fast enough for me, but, she IS in space, so as long as the game is solid, I'd consider it. I'll keep an eye on the review for this one.



accc said:

Yeah her movement still looks pretty lethargic. The concept still looks really fun and unique though.



Lan said:

am i the only one who sees mario galaxy painted all over this?



XCWarrior said:

Has an intersting concept and I can tell they upped the speed a bit. I always like puzzle games.



n0body said:

it is faster, they just edited the new trailer to match the pacing and length of the old one so it's not as evident at first. Play them both at the same time and you'll easily see the difference.This one is definitely on my radar!



Paperclip said:

Looks like some sections of Mario Galaxy to me too.

....except doesn't look too fun.

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