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Don't Get Too Excited About Next Week's Investor Meeting

Posted by James Newton

Stream confusion

Next Tuesday, 26th April sees Nintendo's end of financial year report, with rumours pointing to a live stream of the investors' meeting on the Japanese giant's website. While some have jumped to the conclusion that this spells out a special revelation from Nintendo, the truth may be far more mundane.

A quick flick through Nintendo's investor relations library reveals the company is in the habit of hosting webcasts of its conferences, dating right back to 2006.

Of course, that won't stop us watching the meeting like hawks, but don't be too surprised if Tuesday comes and goes without any concrete news on the Wii 2 rumours.


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Link79 said:

I love how all these websites have rampant news on confirmation of a new Nintendo console but funny thing is.... It hasn't been confirmed.
Yes of course they are working on a new system. Probably ever since the Wii launched. These websites really shouldn't even bring it up if they don't have undeniable proof it exists.
Anything to start an internet firestorm right?



Corbs said:

This is the internet. Everything is about getting traffic to your site so we can all drive our Ferraris and live in our 52 room mansions.



Tails said:

@Corbie: Ain't that the truth. I'll still listen in though. Otherwise i kinda hope there isn't a new console this year.. i don't think my wallet or parents could take me owning another game system. Atleast not just yet till one other kicks the bucket.



Link79 said:

Sometimes I really hate the internet. I guess if I want facts I should find a site called Nintendofacts. These Rumours are killing me.
This will be the longest wait til E3 ever.



NintyMan said:

I guess since it's an investor's meeting, Nintendo would be reavealing a new console to business people and not gamers. They'll likely show exciting statistics of how they're dominating the gaming market.



XCWarrior said:

Oh, so Nintendo Life, starting to back up on all the rumors you posted are complete truth? Yeah, that's what I thought. Announcement in April was simply ridiculous, just like the $100 controller, the core-friendly processor and third party support. None of those ever happen.

Wii successor in 2013. Get used to it people.



Corbs said:

No one said any of these are complete truth in any of the news posts we've made. And no one is backing up either, we're just not sure how much information Nintendo is going to confirm at this investor's meeting, perhaps choosing to wait until E3 to divulge anything major.



Demonic_St33V said:

I can see it now: "Blah-blah-blah, 3DS is selling in record numbers, blah-money-blah, and if you think we made bank on the Wii, just wait until you hear what we're going to announce in the near future possibly!"

I've been to investor's meetings, they rarely "pull back the curtain". It's usually just talk about how much money they've made and how much more they'll make when they DO actually pull back the curtain. It's often even more of a tease than the rumor mill is by itself.



MasterGraveheart said:

It's an investors meeting. I'm not expecting anything beyond announcing a possible announcement in the future.



Cafelover said:

@Link79: You've got to understand that most professional media have a reputation to protect. They won't indulge in empty speculation, or their management should be fired. Project Cafe is real. Most info about the controller and hardware specs you've read are probably real. The outlet that broke the story and most of the specific info, French tech website has been spot on with their info about NGP, when no one had any detail at all. The Cafe/Wii 2 is real. If you don't want to hear about it before any official info from Nintendo, you should probably keep out of any edgy website about videogames. This is the 21st Century...



WarioFan63 said:

The rumor goes that it's supposed to be live DURING the conference right?

If I recall right, all their usual business meetings post the webcast AFTER it happened.



jerryo said:

"This is the internet. Everything is about getting traffic to your site so we can all drive our Ferraris and live in our 52 room mansions."

Say that again. wait! , i already did! especially kotaku has become very disgusting! although i don't think these guys live in such mansions and drive such cars, but it sure is obvious they do their best to afford them!



Henmii said:

Lol: A stream about Nintendo Stream! If this really will be the official title, you will see this sentence quite often!



KingMike said:

Well, it can't be more boring than Nintendo's E3 2008 presentation, can it?
(I think that was the one... the one where they spent like half an hour saying THEY PRINT MONEY!)

It doesn't really matter what they call it, they'll come up with a dumb name (as almost all consoles released now have) before it's released anyways.
(yes... I still laugh about the name "GameCube")

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