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BurgerTime HD Gets a Taste of Being a Multi-Platform Game

Posted by Trevor Chan

MonkeyPaw Games' retro title rated by the ESRB

Our Ante Up: Texas Hold'em review showed that a game doesn't need to be flashy in order to be successful, and publisher MonkeyPaw Games has had its upcoming title rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board; a retro title that's sure to follow in the same vein.

A recent ESRB rating of BurgerTime HD reveals that the old arcade game ― later ported to the NES ― that was originally developed by Data East will be heading to the current generation of home consoles and Windows PCs. The following is a brief summary of the game:

This is an action-platformer in which players assume the role of a small chef who must assemble giant hamburgers. Players must avoid 'cartoony' hazards (e.g., grill flames, spikes traps) and oversized enemies (e.g., carrots, apple cores, hot peppers) in each level. The chef blinks and falls off-screen when hit; enemies react to damage with a 'dizzying' effect.

We won't be surprised if the HD suffix is dropped when it launches on the Wii's download service, assuming it stands for High Definition; if it stands for Heart Disease, it'll probably stay. Speaking to Siliconera last July, MonkeyPaw Games CEO John Greiner confirmed that the download services on the Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were "in play" for the studio and that if MonkeyPaw Games were to develop games, they would appear on all three formats.

With no official announcement from MonkeyPaw Games, it's unclear whether we'll be getting a port to be released on the Virtual Console, or an updated version via WiiWare; although if we were to hazard a guess, it will probably be the latter. When asked if there were plans to bring localised classics to the Virtual Console as well as the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Greiner's reply was:

All three platforms are in play for us. In bringing back classics, the opportunities will depend on the original platform. It would be hard to bring old Nintendo games to XBLA, for example, unless you just offer an emulated version. That’s not our model. However, if we remake an IP, we will target all three platforms.


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Golgo said:

Me and my Mum lost many happy hours to this game when I was a kid. Really hope it comes out. I'll buy two copies for sure. One for me and one to send it as a gift to my Mum's Wii. In fact, when I got her a Wii a couple of Chrismases ago and explained the Virtual Console to her, the first thing she asked was, "has it got Burger Time?" - Lol



Spoony_Tech said:

Wow. I had many fond memories of this game growing up. Whenever I went to an arcade I hoped it was there. Totally forgot about this game. Now all we need is a true arcade port of paperboy!!



SilverBaretta said:

The only Burgertime version I've played was the NES one, and I didn't really like it, but after seeing video of the arcade version, I wanted to play it. If this is anything like it, I would buy it.



Sean_Aaron said:

I love the arcade game and given the Data East Arcade Classics collection doesn't seem to be coming to our shores, if this is quality it's a must-buy for me.



MeloMan said:

Man did I love me some BurgerTime. I don't care if it's port, remake, sequel, whatev... just bring it on.

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