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These Target Renders Reveal Gaijin's BIT.TRIP Visions

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Get a peek at pre-development mock-ups of the first five games

Seeing how games develop over time is always of interest to us here at Nintendo Life, which is why we badgered BIT.TRIP developers Gaijin Games for an exclusive peek at some of their development documentation and how we wound up with these target renders for the first five games.

These renders were all created in the earliest stages of development in order to establish goals for the finished product. Seeing BIT.TRIP BEAT in 3D is particularly wild, and FATE took a somewhat drastic turn from its original concept of CommanderVideo in a free-moving spaceship to the "riding the vibe" of the final build. VOID's palette took a complete U-turn as well from midnight blues to black and white on parchment. There's an abandoned enemy type hiding away in that RUNNER render too, and CORE, well, it looks essentially the same as what you can buy on the Shop Channel.

We'll have plenty more juicy nuggets on Gaijin and the BIT.TRIP series over the coming week, including a comprehensive look at the studio and series, more behind-the-scenes trinkets from the games' development, the story of CommanderVideo, and how you might not actually be to blame for your terrible skills.

Gaijin Games wrapped up the BIT.TRIP series on WiiWare today with the European release of the sixth and final game of the series, BIT.TRIP FLUX. Be sure to check out our BIT.TRIP FLUX review to get ready to say your farewells to the Commander.

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SuperMarioFan96 said:

The story of CommanderVideo? That ought to be interesting. Is this coming from Gaijin, or is this what you think happened, because quite frankly, this whole series is a bit open ended. Maybe something happens in FLUX that I just don't know about yet.....

EDIT: But it's nice to here there'll be a bunch of BIT.TRIP nuggets coming this week. Love that you guys cover BIT.TRIP so much, so many sites just don't give it the time of day.



shinesprite said:

That FATE mock-up is amazing!

@2 From what I can tell, he grows up (BEAT), meets his family (CORE), not exactly sure what happens in VOID, is happy to be alive in the prime of life (RUNNER), dies (FATE), and watches the cycle of life repeat (FLUX).



Odnetnin said:

<3 you Nintendo Life for getting us all these exclusives.

And agree with JesusSaves. They look better at least conceptually.

shinesprite: spoiler warnings?



SilverBaretta said:

The RUNNER mock-up looks crazy. BEAT looks even more retro then it does now, and FATE looks suitably hectic.

@Odnetnin: Not really spoilers. BIT.TRIP really has no set story. That's just shinesprite's interpretation of it.



Adam said:

I really like how Void and Fate ended up, but these look great, too. Multiplayer for Fate was a missed opportunity though, I think. A shoot em up like that from Gaijin would be great on 3DS.

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