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Mario Sports Mix Launches with Trailer and Press Conference

Posted by James Newton

Doping allegations yet to be answered

The latest sporting outing for Mario and friends, Wii's Mario Sports Mix recently launched in Europe and is now available across North America too. To help gamers get in the sporting mood, Nintendo has released a new trailer showing the game's four sports in action.

Later on today, at 5pm Pacific Standard Time, Mario himself will take to the Internet in a special "press conference" to address the questions of his fans. Everyone is invited to check out the press conference at the Mario Sports Mix website.

If you haven't already read it, our Mario Sports Mix review will answer all your most pressing questions, other than "who thought up the idea of a press conference?" That we can't help you with.

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Spike, Check, Dunk and Dodge in Mario Sports Mix for Wii

New Game Offers Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball and Dodgeball with a Mario Twist

REDMOND, Wash.-- With Mario™ and his Mushroom Kingdom pals on your side, why take up just one sport when you can play four? Launching today exclusively for the Wii™ system, the MARIO™ SPORTS MIX game invites players to enjoy the outrageous, fast-paced fun of four different sports – volleyball, basketball, hockey and dodgeball – each packed with imaginative twists and challenges. All four sports are available on a single game disc at a suggested retail price of $49.99, offering inclusive, irresistible game play at an unbeatable value. Best of all, players can share the spotlight with Mario and his friends by playing each sport as their own customized Mii™ characters.

MARIO SPORTS MIX enhances the basic elements of all four included sports with a flurry of eye-catching power-ups, obstacles and unexpected twists. Players might fling banana peels and green shells to thwart an opponent, or an entire court might move from side to side under players’ feet. Each character also has a powerful special move, such as Mario’s ability to swirl in the air and dunk a basketball from anywhere on the court. Throughout the game, players can also boost their scores by collecting coins to earn bonuses. Whichever sport they choose, newcomers and experienced players alike can count on a memorable mix of athletics and imagination.

“With Mario Sports Mix, players get four full sports games packed onto one disc, which is a great value,” said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America’s director of Public Relations. “In addition, the ability to jump into games as your own Mii character and play with Mario and other Mushroom Kingdom characters makes Mario Sports Mix a unique sports experience that can’t be found anywhere else.”

MARIO SPORTS MIX offers multiplayer options that allow friends and family to hit the court together. Up to four players can play together in the same room using additional Wii Remote™ controllers (sold separately). Up to four players with broadband Internet access can also connect online via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection and play cooperatively or competitively in two-on-two or three-on-three matches.

To help commemorate the game’s launch, Mario himself will conduct a press conference on Feb. 7 to answer some of the most pressing questions of his illustrious career in sports. The conference will begin at 5 p.m. Pacific time and can be viewed by fans and media alike via the Web at

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Portista said:

Cool. But, Everyone is still waiting to see who the winners are for the contest. Hopefully, you guys will post it soon. Thanks for your hard work NL!




Played half hour at a friends house. Volleyball and dodgeball. Good in two player. Not extensive as Tennis or Golf of Tennis of the Gamecube and N64 eras, but good laugh. Varying difficulties in single player.

Hope I win my own copy



IAmNotWill said:

May get this later this year... Currently I'm saving up for a 3DS and some games. Mario Sports games are always great.



NintyMan said:

I'm thinking about getting it for birthday along with (hopefully) a 3DS and Pilotwings Resort.



Punny said:

Mario's having a press conference? This should be interesting!



komicturtle said:

Gamestop and Target aren't selling the game today.. Really disappointing considering it was supposed to be out today :/

Whatevs, just another day.



Ecto-1 said:

That was one of the most bizarre "press conferences" I have ever seen. I did really like this little tidbit:

Announcer : Susie Q of Farmsdale wrote, 'We're hearing some shocking rumors that you and your arch-nemesis, Bowser, are teaming up from time to time. Care to comment on these salacious allegations?

Mario : Oh yeah, its-a true.

Announcer : GASP!



Terra said:

Doping huh? Well, he has hit the mushrooms pretty hard over the last 25-30 years so it wouldn't surprise me

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