Last December left us scratching our heads over what the complete list of sports were in Hudson's upcoming 3DS title, Deca Sports 3D, known as Sports Island in Europe.

Aside from the initial four that were revealed, the remaining six were largely recognisable but a couple left us guessing. In the lead-up to the 3DS's Japanese launch, Hudson has at last officially revealed what disciplines we'll be practising in when the game launches in the Land of the Rising Sun this Spring.

We now know that the ten sports that are on offer are: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Tenpin Bowling, Sumo Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Trampoline Jumping, Snowmobile Racing, Capture the Flag-style Snowball Fights and Blowdart Target Shooting. Some of you were spot on with guessing the more obscure ones, but hey, who would have thought Hudson would combine snowball fights with capture the flag?

Deca Sports 3D won't be a launch day title but with a scheduled Spring release, Japanese gamers can be sure they won't be waiting too long for one of the system's early sports games.