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Nintendo Takes Wii Party Out and About with American Tour

Posted by James Newton

West coast only, though

If you live on the West coast of North America and fancy playing a bit of Wii Party, Nintendo has you covered with the Wii Party Airstream West Coast Tour.

Get down to San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle this month and you can indulge in some party action, with the chance to win a brand new Wii and a copy of the game.

If you're interested, the dates are posted below, but if you can't make it and still fancy learning more about the game then our Wii Party review will fill in the blanks.

Nintendo Takes Holiday Fun on the Road with the Wii Party Airstream West Coast Tour

Consumers from Seattle to San Diego to Experience New Wii Party Video Game Inside a Fully Customized Airstream Trailer

It’s not often that holiday shoppers can gather together for a free, hands-on look at one of the season’s most remarkable games. From Dec. 8 - 17, families and friends will be on their feet and having a blast when Nintendo of America’s extraordinary Wii Party Airstream West Coast Tour rolls into shopping centers and family attractions in select U.S. West Coast cities. Consumers of all ages and backgrounds are invited to experience the one-of-a-kind social fun of the new Wii Party™ video game aboard a special Nintendo-themed Airstream trailer. In addition to providing a fun-filled break for holiday shoppers, the Wii Party Airstream West Coast Tour will offer attendees a chance to win their own Wii™ system and a copy of Wii Party.

Created exclusively for the popular Wii system, Wii Party is designed to get families and friends on their feet and having fun together. The game features 13 party game modes and more than 80 entertaining minigames, some of which take the action from the TV screen into the living room. For example, “Animal Tracker” challenges players to pick up the Wii Remote making a particular animal sound, while “Hide ‘n’ Hunt” asks players to locate a controller that’s been cleverly hidden by another player. Whether they’re playing cooperatively or competitively, Wii Party gives every player a turn in the spotlight by putting their customized Mii™ characters at the center of the action. More information about Wii Party is available at


Dec. 8: Seattle (Seattle Center Winterfest)
Dec. 11: San Francisco (Embarcadero Center)
Dec. 14: Los Angeles (The Grove)
Dec. 15: San Diego (San Diego Zoo)
Dec. 17: San Jose, Calif. (Santana Row)

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CanisWolfred said:

"...Taking the Wii out on an American Tour!" "West Coast Only though"

And the world just keeps getting smaller...



TKOWL said:

4 out of 5 of those locations are in California, and I live all the way in Pennsylvania...
Nintendo hates us.



1upsuper said:

Wake me up when Oregon gets attention, and not just the states above and below it. :/



Skotski said:

Those in the West Coast who don't have Wii Party should seriously try it out. It really is a fun game with friends and family.

Trust me, I hate most minigame compilations, but I love me some Wii Party.
..........especially being chased by zombie michael jackson.

Say that to the East Coast.
Friggin' Nintendo store...
LA totally needs a Nintendo store! D:



kurtasbestos said:

Oh hey, they'll be in Seattle tomorrow. If it didn't take me like 20 whole minutes to get downtown, I'd totally check it out.

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