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Go Behind the Scenes on Conduit 2 with High Voltage

Posted by James Newton

Through the wormhole

Excited about Conduit 2? Want to know more about the game's opening sequence from High Voltage Software's Eric Stoll? If you answered "yes" and "sort of" you might want to check out the official SEGA Europe blog giving a little background to the game's introductory cinematic.

If you haven't seen the video yet you can check it out here, and it's an important one as the game kicks off immediately after the intro finishes.

With a 100-foot long monster protecting a submerged spaceship wreckage the game certainly isn't short on spectacle, but we'll have to wait until February to see how the gameplay stacks up.


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Golgo said:

Dreadful, generic trailer with cringeworthy dialogue. And that monster looks like it's been flown in from Sin and Punishment 2. Oh well, the game can only get better than this.



Gamesake said:

I didn't find the dialogue at all cringeworthy (but that's probably because the last game I played was Metroid: Other M).



Ian_Daemon said:

The Conduit was fun and solid, so I'm willing to give Conduit 2 the benefit of the doubt.



wallyobass12 said:

@Ian Daemon Hey dood, I don' t really think the conduit was fun. I mean, come on, the online was generic. There was no level system like on COD, I mean, it was fun at first, but it got old. plus it was laggy and my Wii Speak didn't work that well, plus you had to use friend codes to talk to people. I dunno and the offline was lame with only ten levels. I mean, before the game came out I was pumped. I use to talk the game up to all my Xbox360 and PS3 Friends, saying "Yeah man, its gonna change the way you think of the wii".... and it was def not that revolutionary.



wallyobass12 said:

@IanDaemon I mean, don't get me wrong, it had its moments, but to me, the fact they are making another one so soon... when the first one was in my opinion a "rush" job. Now, we are both from the states dood, obviously we have a higher sense of what a good game should be. Also We are wii owners, so we are already subject to a lot of from our friends who own cooler, more expensive systems. So before you start giving it the "benefit of the doubt", I'd reconsider your original opinion of the game.



Kirk said:

This is not a very good trailer.

I know the guys at HVS really are trying but it's clear they either don't have the budget and resources or they simply don't have the talent required to do it properly.

There's a few things in Conduit 2 that could be great but so many more things that are looking extremely rough around the edges right now, in every area of the game from presentation and graphics to level design and I suspect fundamental gameplay.

I want it to be great but I have a lot of doubts right now.



pixelman said:

I'm really excited for this one. As long as the gameplay stacks up, I couldn't care less about FMV intros. Everything I've seen so far points to a really fun run n' gun shooter.



leon_x said:

I love the trailer. Great music, graphics, photography and voice acting. I did not play the previous game, but no doubt I will play this game.



Sean_Aaron said:

I still enjoy the first game, so I have little doubt I'll go for this as well. My only FP Action title outside of Red Steel 2 on the Wii (which I'm replaying right now in anticipation of this). As soon as I can pre-order I will!



MasterGraveheart said:

This could end up being a game-changer for Nintendo if Sega delivers. Or maybe game-SEALER would be more like it. The Call of Duty games are pretty good on Wii (even if they aren't the best versions), we have Goldeneye, and now Conduit 2 coming out... time to lure over MicroSony's market, lol.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@7 The trailer looks pretty good to me, and how could they possibly screw up the fundamental gameplay when they got that part right in the first game?



ReddLionz said:

Looks aWESOME! Story's always been there for me, gameplay looks uhmazing, the little online footage we got looks like a big improvement. Buy for me!



The_Fox said:

Oh, hell. That trailer looked awful.

The original Conduit was pretty bad, so I guess it can't be any worse than that. Jinx!



Arcanum said:

@wallyobass12 I swear to god it gets better dude. They Made C2 with all the knowledge of what went wrong, and they listened to what the fans were craving in a wii shooter that had these kinds of beastly control's. I swear HVS knows what to do, how to fix it, and how to get it right. And please, do not judge this game for it's dialogue, or the looks of it's FMV. judge it by the gameplay.

Albeit, they were in-experienced for their first FPS, but you can't expect gold from a silver mine.



edofthe209 said:

This could be good, but honestly, I just want The Grinder. I've been waiting patiently for that one since it was announced way back when.

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