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Japanese DS Sales Spike Last Week in Mysterious Circumstances

Posted by James Newton

Whatever could be the driving force?

Of course, Pokémon Black & White saw their Japanese release last week, with hardware sales more than doubling across the country.

Previous week's DS sales stood at a respectable 39,749 across all models, with last week's figures passing 85,000 units sold across the entire week. In fact, the DS range outsold every other console combined, testament to the ongoing appeal of Nintendo's monster-catching series.

But crucially how many units did the games themselves shift? The answer is a staggering 2.6 million in just two days, making it the fastest selling game ever in Japan, overtaking Square's Final Fantasy VIII. Gamers in Europe, Australia and North America can expect localised versions to hit in Spring 2011.


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James said:

All models = DS Lite upwards. DS original isn't manufactured anywhere any more that I know of



SuperMarioFan96 said:

DSi and DSi XL INDIVIDUALLY topped all the other systems. That doesn't usually happen, usually you have to combine sales of both and even then its sometimes not passed the PSP, so the sales for this week were a huge achievement.

"...a staggering 2.6 million, making it the fastest selling game ever in Japan..."
Didn't DQIX sell over 3 million first week?



MeloMan said:

2 in one day, JumpMad? That is HILARIOUS! That's the second time I ROFLMAO today



Rasche said:

It is pretty frickin amazing that Pokemon Black and White managed to do this. Hopefully the same will happen in the West!



realar said:

Snaky is happy his game contributed to the sales spike!
Regardless of this can't post content fiasco.



GamesX99 said:

Of course Pokemon is a top seller in Japan! The Japanese gamers are going see Pokemon soon



HADAA said:

I'd say the driving force was indeed from Pokemon B&W. B&W requires players to use two DSes in order to transfer Pokemon from previous games, and I know a number of Japanese friends who purchased another DS Lite/i just for the purpose of transferring. Not to mention new Pokemon = incoming newbies = more DSes sold.

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