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Billy Mitchell Was Never the Donkey Kong Jr. Record Holder

Posted by James Newton

Score was beaten before he started

Last month, Billy Mitchell beat Hank Chien's Donkey Kong score to reclaim his place at the top of the game's scoring girders. On the same day, he also felt like setting a new high score on Donkey Kong Jr., something we reported on last month. Now it transpires the latter record is not really a record at all, Mitchell's score having been beaten before the bearded Billy even took to the buttons.

Oklahoma's Mark Kiehl racked up a score of 1,307,500 on July 19th, nearly two weeks before Mitchell's score of 1,270,900 was announced as a new world record, but it's taken until now for scorekeeping association Twin Galaxies to verify Kiehl's score. So while Mitchell may have held the highest verified score for a while, as the score was set before his attempt it's undoubtedly Kiehl's crown now.

Does Kiehl feel like setting the bar even higher? No, he does not, but he wants to keep the fire of competition alive for others.

I don't believe that this score by any means represents the top-end score for this title. I don't intend on playing again until someone, anyone, claims a new record... so go for it!

That looks like a gauntlet at your feet, Mitchell.


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Corbs said:

What I'd like to know is why it takes Twin Galaxies so little time to verify Billy Mitchell's scores and so long on many of the other players? And why don't they make it to where you must play the game in front of an official Twin Galaxies referee in order for the score to count?



y2josh said:

I wonder if Twin Galaxies sent out their punks and broke open Mark Kiehl's game cabinet as well

I agree with Corbie, but the Twin Galaxies peeps acted so shady about that in the movie. They are a match made in heaven.



Token_Girl said:

Man, I can't believe how quickly this record keeps getting turned around recently.



Mayhem said:

At least in this case here Mitchell's "new" record was done in public and verified immediately by those in attendance, compared to going through hours of video tape to verify something after that fact. But it looks like we have another player on the scene...



PatrickElliot said:

Its good to see Twin Galaxies rectify their Mitchell lovin' scorekeeping. I'm guessing they just wanted to give him the crown for a little bit. Must be the hot sauce.



lockelocke said:

Billy Mitchell is such a punk. Last year, Steve Wiebe and I toilet papered his house and set dog poo ablaze on his doorstep.



PSICOffee said:

because the world tells me I should find Billy Mitchell evil, I agree, and have no individual thought, so therefore this pleases me to see that evil has been struck down once again!



Punny said:

This Donkey Kong action is intense! Who knew people would go THAT ape over high scores?



RowdyRodimus said:

@Corbie I was told they had to witness it when I sent proof of a 70 run win in R.B.I. Baseball 3. Twin Galaxies decides who they want to have the records based on who will be better for PR. The whole Twin Galaxy World Record thing is a sham IMO.



mjc0961 said:

It's astounding the number of people here who didn't read far enough to see that this is about Donkey Kong JUNIOR.

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