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Contain Your Surprise as Nintendo Outsells Competition in July

Posted by James Newton

650,000 units makes Big N the top dog

The monstrous machines at the NPD Group have crunched the numbers for July and spat out an unsurprising statistic: Nintendo sold more hardware than its competition.

Shifting 400,000 DS machines and 254,000 Wii consoles, the company outsold Microsoft and Sony comfortably, though with 440,000 units sold of the Xbox 360 Microsoft came out on top with the biggest-selling single console, with Sony trailing behind on a combined 300,000 for its PS3 and PSP consoles.

Whilst not claiming the top-selling game for software, Super Mario Galaxy 2 came in at number two, shifting over 192,000 copies across the month, with plumbing companion New Super Mario Bros. Wii coming in at number nine with 128,000.

On the handheld front, Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 to 4 was the big cheese for DS, with sales of nearly 142,000, edging just ahead of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies with 132,000 copies sold.

All told, a very busy month for Nintendo fans.

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Ernest_The_Crab said:

Dragon Quest isn't as popular over in North America as it is in Japan. I'm pretty sure the Lego games have a following over here.



Olorin said:

Interesting way of looking at it. This was probably one of the first months that the DS was outsold by the 360, and those Wii numbers aren't exactly high either. Still respectable though.



Snipes said:

I don't understand how they sell so much but are the least connected of all the home consoles.



Slapshot said:

Ummm actually the Wii didnt outsell either the 360 or PS3! Nice job throwing in the DS sales to give the 1up!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Galaxy 2 was actually 4th for the month, behind the 360 and PS3 versions of NCAA Football 2011 and Crackdown 2 on 360. Combining the DS and Wii sales is a bit strange, but whatever.

@slapshot82 It actually did outsell the PS3. The numbers listed above are PS3 and PSP combined.



Punny said:

In other news, people in Paris speak French.

But seriously, good job Nintendo. Have fun at the bank.



y2josh said:

Sony still sold 214k PS3's

I wish people would stop buying Wii's already so we could see the next Nintendo console sooner.



JimLad said:

Isn't the real news here that the 360 was the top selling machine?
You seem to be sweeping that under the rug a bit unfairly since MS don't even make a handheld.



aaronsullivan said:

Bizzare story. Especially the headline. For the first time in a LONG time the numbers actually are surprising. DS and Wii were both individually beaten by XBox 360 sales. I don't think Nintendo is particularly bored or happy about this. lol.

Just because it's a Nintendo centric site doesn't mean you have to drink the kool-aid and pass it to the masses.



The_Fox said:

I guess NL can't handle the Wii losing from time to time in sales. It's bound to happen on occasion, and you don't need to spin it to make Nintendo come out better.




Nintendo, the company who makes consoles for everyone....unlike the other two isolationists.

Microsoft have a giant media campaign compared to Nintendo - that twist, spin and warp. Look at their advertising. Lay off NL, who are a single Nintendo orientated website after all!

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