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Show Your Love for Bit.Trip with Commander Video Videos

Posted by James Newton

Superimpose the running man into your world

You can't fault the fans of Gaijin's Bit.Trip series – from fanart to papercraft, they know how to show their love for Commander Video and friends. One ardent fan thinks there's more that can be done, and has created a YouTube 'call to arms' for other fans of the series.

The idea is to superimpose Commander Video's running animation from his latest outing BIT.TRIP RUNNER into your everyday world to show your love and appreciation. Check out the video below and head on over to Gabo's website to download the kit and start bringing a little Commander Video into your life.

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Fuzzy said:

That's pretty cool. Interested to see what some people can come up with!



Adam said:

Might just be me, but he makes it sound like the game isn't selling well, which I not only doubt but don't know how we'd know for sure either way.

Anyway, very cool project. Wish I were tech savvy but at least that means I'm not a nerd, I guess.



Chrono_Cross said:

How does he know it's being outsold by My Aquarium or whatever the fish tank game is?

He is just a fan right?



Uncle_Rick said:

Can't anyone look up what the top selling WiiWare games are?

Also, "NERDS"




Adam said:

Chrono, because My Aquarium constantly hovers near the top of Nintendo's top games list. However, that doesn't mean it's selling badly by any means. We have no idea how many customers bought it, and it's possible Gaijin doesn't either.



Token_Girl said:

It's easy to look at the top 20 list of games each week and see what the top sellers are.

Though there's not much that can beat My Aquarium tbh.

This game would totally be on my download list if I thought NIntendo was going to let us transfer games from Wii to Wii2. I'll just get it on the next console (when, I hope, some sort of account based system will be set up to resolve the issue going forward at least).



rwq said:

someone should use this to make a video of commander video swiping the world cup trophy from under the nose of the red-hatted dude

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