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Arc Rise Fantasia's NA Release Rolls Back to July

Posted by Trevor Chan

Seems to be the last of the delays though

Following on the last update we posted on the turn-based game, it seems the JRPG Arc Rise Fantasia's North American release has slipped back by about a month. The game has now gone gold and will be released on July 27.

For more information on this title, check out the latest press release below:

Experience an unforgettable JRPG experience unlike anything on the Nintendo Wii

Arc Rise Fantasia explores uncharted territory on the Nintendo Wii. A new turn-based Japanese RPG with a beautiful anime-inspired art style, Arc Rise Fantasia offers western Wii players the quintessential JRPG experience for which they have been waiting. Players will jump into the shoes of L’Arc, a composed mercenary who sets out to defend the Meridian Empire from an impending invasion of mysterious creatures. After assembling a party of allies, each with a unique set of abilities and fiery personalities, players embark on a perilous journey filled with vile enemies and treacherous dungeons. Players summon mystical creatures and work with their party to execute massive and strategic attacks. Arc Rise Fantasia features deep gameplay, stellar production values, and an unforgettable story.

Product Features:

  • From the creators of the critically-acclaimed Luminous Arc comes the first true epic role-playing game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.
  • Combines beautiful anime 2D art with meticulously rendered 3D graphics to push the envelope of the Wii’s graphical capabilities.
  • Cherished Japanese fantasy role-playing filled with humor, airships, dragons, fiendish monsters and perilous dungeons.
  • Delivers a harrowing story of friendship, betrayal and salvation through a memorable cast of characters and more than 70,000 lines of dialogue.
  • Truly sophisticated level of character, magic, item and weapon customization throughout the experience as players visit unique shops, towns and merchants.
  • Innovative battle system offers unique flexibility and lets you play how you want to play – use all your characters or strategically queue a few key characters to maximize dangerous encounters.
  • Progressive scan and true 16:9 widescreen support for the Wii.
  • A massive action-packed tale offering more than 60 hours of thrilling gameplay.
  • Music by legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda, who composed music for classic titles such as Chrono Trigger, Tobal No.1, Xenogears, and more.

There's still no word on a European release but hopefully Rising Star Games can do something about that.

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theHighlander said:

I am kind of surprised sites are just now reporting this. Known this since May. Now all I need is to wait for the reviews to see if its worth it.



AVahne said:

Delayed, but the price is lower than most Wii games at launch! Must-have for any RPG fan.



Objection said:

I was looking forward to this until I saw a video of the English version. Worst dub ever. And the combat doesn't look like anything special, either.



pixelman said:

The voice-over's abysmally bad, but I hear there's an option to turn it off (thank God). Also cool that the Chrono Trigger composer's doing the score.



Marvelousmoo said:

I don't know what to think of this. I am certainly excited that a JRPG is coming to the Wii, since there really have been none. I am also excited about the music since Yasunori Mitsuda is awesome. But the game seems a little uninteresting in some aspects. I will wait to see if this is any good, but I will definitely keep my eyes on it. I guess I am looking forward to Xenoblade and Last Story more, since they seem to be introducing something new.



Varoennauraa said:

Wii has much more interesting j-rpgs coming. In fact I think that Wii might become number one j-rpg console, with XenoBlade and Last Story, but I think we all should throw rotten tomatoes at this level of blandness, for making this an example, that we want better games, and when we need mundanity, we go to mow our lawns.



CanisWolfred said:

Wonder what the delay's about? Oh well, hope it does good. It sounds interesting, though I've heard from some early reviews that the gameplay is flawed, but I'm not sure exactly how. Guess I'll wait for some more accurate descriptions some time after its release.



komicturtle said:

I suggest people just nab Dragon Quest IX. Sure, there haven't been much of any JRPGs on the Wii, but I'd pick DQ over this anyday. But at some point, I will be getting this- when I can.. :/ Was looking forward to this for almost two years...



gaminguy said:

If you want to know about how good this game is, Nintendo Power gave it a 7.5



CanisWolfred said:

Nintendo Power didn't go into much detail, though. Besides, that's only one reviewer's opinion.



Varoennauraa said:

To me this looks like 7.5 was merciful score for this amount of bland tastelesness. Wait for the good rpg's and let these generic rpg be a tale of the past.

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