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Keep Your Life Collected with Nnooo's MyDiary

Posted by James Newton

New tool and three more myNotebook colours on the way

Nnooo has already given us myNotebook and myPostcards in its myLifeCollected range, offering users the chance to make notes and create postcards, naturally. Now the company has announced its latest title, called myDiary, that aims to let users turn their DSi into, you guessed it, a diary.

With the ability to add appointments, important notes and alarms to each day, as well as the option to customise the colour scheme, the app should be a nice complement to other entries in the series.

The press release also announces three new colours of myNotebook are on their way to DSiWare, with Carbon, Pearl and Tan, now including the ability to export pages to the DSi camera as well as featuring a new heads-up display.

There's no official release date for these applications yet but expect to see them hit before the end of September.

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo announce the development of myDiary™ and three new versions of myNotebook™ for Nintendo DSiWare™.

myDiary is a new application in the extremely successful myLifeCollected range of software exclusive to Nintendo DSiWare. It allows users to organise their lives by keeping track of appointments, making daily journal entries and even setting daily alarms.

"myDiary is a great application for keeping your life organised.", said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo. "Users pop open their Nintendo DSi™, tap on a day and jot down a note, to do or event. They can even add an alarm per day to remind them of really important events."

Users can tap on a day to see any notes they have set, add alarms to keep track of important events or birthdays and customise their myDiary by changing the User Interface colour and Ink colour. While the new versions of myNotebook add several new features and enhancements.

"myNotebook has proved much more popular than we anticipated.", said Watt. "Many users have requested more pages to write on, the ability to export their pages so we thought we should try to give them something back."

The three new colours are Carbon, Pearl and Tan. These versions will allow the user to save 128 pages, export their notes to the Nintendo DSi Photo album and unlock many new page styles. They also contain a new HUD (Heads Up Display) element which contains the current time, battery status and volume level.

myDiary and the three new versions of myNotebook are planned for release between July and September 2010.

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Nnooo said:

More games are coming see Spirit Hunters Inc and another, yet to be announced



JuneBelle said:

Do want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And love the upgrades to myNotebook. I wonder if the older versions will also get the upgrade?



ejamer said:

Cool. This is the kind of feature that DSi should've had built-in. Not exactly a complicated idea, but definitely a nice feature for those people who use their DSi for more than just gaming.



jangonov said:

the notebook application is very nice, and these new ones sound great, but how much will they be, and will the old ones get the upgrade? (carbon is a great color choice btw) also, while I love the option to jot down notes quickly (helps immensely seeing as how I don't have much time) Is there a way that these new ones can have an on screen keyboard? I have terrible handwriting as is. Combine that with modern life needing a keyboard so often, and I barely write anymore, so I am always out of practice. It would be nice to have a way to type things, even if only to clarify what I wrote earlier.



irken004 said:

Hmm... I could use something like this as a digital planner. Color me interested.



Nintendoftw said:

Whoever buys any of this is a pure idiot. MyNoteBook and MyDiary is the exact same thing.. Ugh..



grumblegrumble said:

Nintendoftw... Tell that to the millions of ppl who have downloaded MyNotebook already It sounds like you are in the minority, not we who find the apps incredibly useful. I'm a poet and sometimes that app is one of the only ways of jotting something down, can't keep a pen to save my life. Only thing that bothers me is why not just have one big MyNotebook app with unlimited pages you can save to your SD card (if it gets over a certain amt.) We don't have the space for all these multiple copies of different colors of MyNotebook, but I will download them anyway because I love the app.



theblackdragon said:

@Nintendoftw: you're welcome to your opinion, but plz to not call all of us 'idiots' because we might be interested in what Nnooo has to offer. what we buy is none of your business, lol. :3



geek-master said:

i have a non nintendo related question. will you make a new game for the ipad? iphone? or ipod touch using the 1500 new API's that come with iphone OS 4.0?



Just10 said:

Yeah, what about those who purchased previous myNotebook colors? Are the three new colors' special features exclusive?



ToastyYogurt said:

Aw, too bad I already have a myNotebook. Hopefully there is an upgrade to a three already-existing myNotebooks. Then again, the color names make it sound like they are a different kind of thing...



mjc0961 said:

@16: Millions? Doubt it. 18 is right, use Flipnote Studio. It's FREE instead of two bucks, and will let you write down stuff just like myFailbook.



TimeGuy said:

Hmm...I like it. I might consider getting this one. Though, it would be more appropriately named myCalendar than myDiary.



Dodger said:

The calendar seems like something that it should of came with. There is that dinky little thing in the camera app but still. I hope the upgrade is for the old versions too or I won't be happy. Don't say it can't be done, there were upgrades for Brain Age Express Sudoku and Math that were free. It's if Nintendo will let them.



xAlias said:

A few awesome suggestions for Nnooo:
myMetalgears (a slightly changed version of the original Metal Gear in which you type in notes on your high-tech superphone while watching videos of Metal Gear above)
myMorbidlyobesecat (Big the Cat simulator)
myEmail (check your email instantly. It would be absolutely spectacular if the program offered 3G)



rafaelluik said:

An update available for the Blue, Red and Green versions with these new features would be nice for people who owned these... I haven't bought because I think DSi screen doesn't let's you to write much per page...

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