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Furry Legends Fluffs Up WiiWare from July 5th

Posted by James Newton

Updated: Worldwide launch planned for July at 1,000 Points

We've brought you plenty of Furry Legends content over the past few months, with our exclusive First Impressions from Poland and behind-the-scenes developer videos as well. If all this has whipped you into a furry frenzy, you'll soon be able to satiate that flufflust as the game will hit the North American WiiWare shop on July 5th for 1,000 Nintendo Points.

Update: Sebastian Szczygiel of Gamelion has confirmed the title will see a worldwide launch in July.


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Sean_Aaron said:

Just when it was starting to feel like WiiWare was slowing down everyone's games are coming at once!



Sneaker13 said:

OMG, the guy on the right looks like me, it's very creepy. Interested in the game. Looks nice.



Sebastian_Gamelion said:

Hi Chibi Link, the game will be launched during July in all possible WiiWare territories (including America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) except Japan.

We should receive the OFCL rating during next days.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game does look pretty good. I am considering it but I now realize that it will probably cost 2000 points for both chapters. I sure hope that it's worth it.



James said:

@Birdman13 When I played the WiiWare version in April the DSiWare game wasn't available to play, but it seems the assets, design etc. are almost all in place. It'll be a good few months until it's released though.



Sneaker13 said:

Are you my long lost brother I never knew I had . We are the same age though. Curious .

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