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Tue 3rd Feb 2009

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Sebastian_Gamelion commented on Early 2010 WiiWare and DSiWare Lineup:

Extreme Hangman DSiWare is also coming during early Q1. The game has passed the Nintendo of America testing and we are now waiting until Nintendo decides to put the game on the DSi store.

Happy new Year from the Gamelion team!



Sebastian_Gamelion commented on New Furry Legends Screenshots:

Please note that this is very early work-in-progress we are showing here and not the final visual quality of the game. Also, the screens look better on TV and in action than screen captures from development PC.



Sebastian_Gamelion commented on Gamelion Studios Announces Furry Legends for W...:

Funny looking at this Fury of the Furries on YouTube this indeed looks a bit similar what we are doing in "Furry Legends", but this wasn't our reference title. At this stage I would describe Furry Legends as a mix of Fury of the Furries and Lost Winds.

And yes, we do casual games and not hardcore games. What we call at Gamelion casual games, are games which everyone can play. It can be your mother, dad, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend. It's doesn't mean that casual games are stupid, they are usually easy to learn, but still can be hard to master. We just don't do hardcore games like Far Cry, Quake or Call of Duty.