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[Chapter one] The legend starts here. Furry Legends is a dynamic platform adventure with the most fur ever seen in games.

Solve fun, physics-based puzzles in a fantastic 3D world called Furland. It's a humorous and weird place populated by funny creatures you've never seen before, including five-eyed crabs, round cows, crazy rabbits and the lovely Furballs. Players control fluffy characters, each with a different set of special skills, such as the ability to manipulate time. Save the Furballs from their doom and keep Furland safe from Lord Squarie. Are you ready for a crazy adventure? Can you save Furland and its lovely Furballs? Try the furriest game of the century!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

More floaty than furry

We've seen the rolling platformer idea explored several times over the years to varying degrees of success, but with the release of Furry Legends, Gamelion is attempting to inject a whole new level of playability into the standard formula and make things...

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User Comments (19)



Wiiloveit said:

Sounds good, but I suppose we'll have to wait for more details before coming to any conclusions at all.



LGamer said:

I want to know the price! But it looks very nice and challenging!




Hope the physics engine is different from Niki's! If so and it works, then its physics based game so I'm in



Aviator said:

0.30 reminds me of the single player days of Teetering Towers in Mario Party



Malouff said:

This game comes in second on my upcomming WiiWare list of games to watch for.

I also noticed the developer announced a Furry Legends beginnings for the DSiWare.



iAmThetot said:

This game looks pretty good. As stated several times above, it reminds me a lot of Lost Winds in both gameplay and graphics.



pippa said:

Save your money - looks great, but its a version of lost winds with annoying controls! :(

Wanted to love it!

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