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Yuji Naka's Ivy the Kiwi? to XSEED Expectations

Posted by Trevor Chan

The storybook-style aims to enchant Wii and DS gamers this Summer

Following on the Japanese retail and download release a couple of weeks ago, the creators of Let's Tap and Let's Catch are about to bring their latest title to an American audience. Yuji Naka – one of the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog – has unveiled more on the rather different-looking platform game, developed by his own independent studio, Prope.

Ivy the Kiwi? is a concept that Naka has had in his mind for some time and he seems happy that it will be available to American gamers with the help of XSEED Games:

I’m really looking forward to entrusting Jun Iwasaki and his talented team to bring Ivy the Kiwi? to market so that fans can have an opportunity to engage with the endearing cast of characters and experience the magical world of Ivy.

Gamers are introduced to a newborn bird called Ivy, who has just hatched out of the egg with no mother looking over her. After initial cries go unanswered, Ivy sets off in search of her parent in a dream-like forest. As she journeys through this landscape, she comes across many other birds but none seem to share the same appearance as herself. It's not long before Ivy finds a mysteriously glowing red feather; could this be a clue to the whereabouts of her mother?

In addition to the unique art style, Ivy the Kiwi? will be incorporating control schemes that will be a little different. Players will be using the Wii Remote and the DS's stylus to create environmental objects, such as vines, that Ivy can use to help her traverse the scrolling landscapes. It sounds like the pacing of the game should be comparably slower to that of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but that should suit the dream-like presentation of the game very well.

Whether gamers buys the Wii or the DS version, there will be over 100 stages in the single-payer mode, in addition to the multiplayer mode that supports up to four players. Wii gamers will be able to compete against each other via a split-screen view, and DS gamers can play each other using the single-card multiplayer via a wireless connection.

XSEED Games has secured publishing rights in North America, with a release in that region scheduled for Summer 2010.

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mnementh said:

great. I was hoping the Xseed announcement will be for the Wii and not the DS (only).



Tri4ceHolder said:

After watching Kiwi on Youtube, I'm worried about how this is going to end.... JK looks Fantastic!!



Oregano said:

I don't see the point in retail releasing this game at all.... there are downloadable version(which I hope will be released) that just lack the multiplayer mode and the game was originally a mobile game....

unless it was super cheap to make.



V8_Ninja said:

Looks good, but it doesn't seem Wii-disc-release worthy yet. I'm calling pass until I see some footage.



motang said:

That looks like a fun game a perfect fit for the DS and Wii. Here is the version that is for the Windows Phone played with a stylus. [youtube:nb3HqXbzsfc]



Sean_Aaron said:

WiiWare and DSiWare versions have only half the number of levels; from the description Xseed is almost certainly localising retail versions of the game.



retro_player_22 said:

It looks like a fun game but one that I mostly not that good at. I usually suck at games to which character I had no control of like Mario vs. DK2, Lemmings, Kirby Canvas Curse, and Yoshi's Touch & Go! so much that these games makes me feel like a rookie to videogame.

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