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myPostcards Release Dates Announced

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Find out when the application hits DSiWare.

Our good friend Nic Watt has just informed us that Nooo's newest application in the myLifeCollected series myPostcards will be hitting North America on April 19th and in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on April 23rd for 200 Nintendo Points.

You can check out the full press release below for more information on the appliation.

Nnooo are pleased to announce the release date of myPostcards™ the second title in their hugely successful myLifeCollected™ range of applications for Nintendo DSiWare™. myPostcards will be released in the Americas on April 19th and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on April 23rd priced at 200 Nintendo DSi Points™.

myPostcards is a creativity application for the Nintendo DSi™ which allows users to take a photo, write a note and then share the created postcard with friends via Facebook™, email or even traditional mail. With over 50 different unlock-able background themes and 12 stamps to apply users will be limited only by their imagination.

"myPostcards allows any Nintendo DSi owner to create a neat looking postcard to record any situation or event and then share it with friends. Once they have made the postcard they can email it, print it out and post it or even upload it to Facebook", said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

Users of myPostcards can take a new photo using the Nintendo DSi Camera or choose an existing photo from their Nintendo DSi photo Album. They then write a note (or doodle), choose a background theme, apply a stamp and then save the postcard. Sharing the postcard with friends is possible by using the Facebook connectivity or SD card functionality built into every Nintendo DSi.

"We have worked hard to ensure that users can quickly and easily make a postcard whenever they find themselves in a situation which they simply must share with friends and family. We really like the idea of capturing a moment on camera and adding a note to share with friends. There was always something nice about getting a postcard in the mail from friends and family and we feel that with myPostcards we are providing a more modern take on this great form of communication", said Watt.

Users can unlock new background themes to customize their postcards with while owners of previous Nnooo software are also in for some special themed backgrounds as thanks for their continued support. Nnooo have also started a Flickr group for myPostcard users and encourage them to share their best creations.

myPostcards is Nnooo's third piece of software for the Nintendo DSi™ and the second application in its new myLifeCollected range.

We'll keep you "posted" on any new developments with myPostcards and we'll have a full review when it hits the DSiWare service.

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Bobpie said:

I'll say it again: you can already combine pictures and text, it's called DSi Photo Channel + Frames.



Nnooo said:

You can upload the postcards to Facebook or save them to SD card and email or print them out

The postcards are saved to your Nintendo DSi Photo Album so you can use the Facebook or SD card functionality which is built into the DSi to upload them.



Victoria said:

The only reason I joined Facebook last autumn is so I could see how the features work uploading DSi photos. I'm quite into it now, so this application looks like it will be fun. And for only 200, I'll be getting it.
Plus it gives me an excuse to take my DSi along with me on trips



Percentful said:

Nnooo! I can't wait any longer!!!
Lol,that was lame. I'm actually not sure if I'll get this. I like nnooo, thooough, sooo [lame again] I might get this just to support them.



brandonbwii said:

That's the same reason I'm getting the app as well. Also being a writer that's sometimes on the go, I downloaded two myNotebooks.

Like your Avatar. Looks like somebody's ready for the 3DS.



Marlonguppy said:

Yeah me too,
and i love the myPostcards and myNotebook apps!
Keep going Nnooo!
(I am new, but checking this site for years )

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