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Create your own postcards and send them to your friends!

With myPostcards you can take a picture, write a quick note on it, then save everything as a postcard. Just open your Nintendo DSi system, take a photo and go. You can even customize your postcards by using 32 built-in background themes, various collectible stamps and unlockable elements. Create postcards for any occasion. Use the pen or pencil tools to write or draw. Simply erase anything you don’t like. Five different inks let you add an extra splash of color to your words and your drawings.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Maybe a bit too simplistic for its own good

We haven't seen a significant amount of apps made available on the DSiWare service to date, but that hasn't stopped Nnooo from tossing a couple into the mix with their ongoing myLifeConnected suite of DSiWare applications. We've already seen the release...

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23rd April 2010 (EU)

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News: myPostcards Release Dates Announced

myPostcards Release Dates Announced

Find out when the application hits DSiWare.

Our good friend Nic Watt has just informed us that Nooo's newest application in the myLifeCollected series myPostcards will be hitting North America on April 19th and in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on April 23rd for 200 Nintendo Points. You can check out the full press release below for more information on the appliation. Nnooo are pleased to..

News: Nnooo! It's Another myPostcards Video!

Nnooo! It's Another myPostcards Video!

With pink lemonade goodness

Nnoo has mailed us a new trailer for the upcoming DSiWare app myPostcards, and we promised to deliver it to you post-haste. Nnooo are currently finalising the price point and release of myPostcards with Nintendo, but the tracking number is shooting for delivery sometime in April for a mere 200 points. More as it comes, though beware, this video is designed to make you..

News: See the Latest myPostcards Video From Nnooo

See the Latest myPostcards Video From Nnooo

Also relax to its incredibly serene music

Creative director of Nnooo Nic Watts dropped an e-mail into our laps just recently to let us know that he's made a new video for upcoming DSiWare app myPostcards. Take a look for yourself: the people in it are incredibly happy! We've still no information on an accurate release date or amount of points you'll be forking out for the app, but stay tuned for..

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Agent_YLime said:

I spent like $40 on DSi points and I waste most of it on useless games. Now I use Nintendo Life fist to see if I want it.



Tetris911 said:

this app allows you to send the postcards to your facebook but you can't even send it to another dsi or 3ds? It does look fun for 200 but no thank you, fail.

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