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Marines: Modern Urban Combat Deployed In June

Posted by Trevor Chan

First-person shooter coming to Wii

When it comes to first-person shooters set in wartime, there's a couple of franchises that immediately spring to mind. With titles like the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor franchises already firmly established with extensive fan-bases, is there room for more?

Marines: Modern Urban Combat is set on the deadly streets of Beirut and has the player taking the role of a US Marine as they lead a team of four in a "Real-World Campaign". Gamers' leadership skills will be tested as commands have to be issued to each of your squad members. If you find yourself struggling to complete the missions, a second player can join in as a rifleman in the cooperative mode. If, however, you're in more of a competitive mood; you can take on friends in a multiplayer split-screen mode.

Making use of the Wii's intuitive Remote controls, this first-person shooter is scheduled for release on 16th June in Europe where it will be published by Oxygen Games. Marines: Modern Urban Combat is already available in North America where it's published by Destineer Games.

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raider24 said:

played this game, literally threw it away after 3 minutes. It is terrible, one of the worst games I have seen in a long long time



KrazyKain said:

i looked it up on youtube and it looks 'ok'. but I want to know is,... is the co-op REAL co-op, or that crap we have in call of duty?



y2josh said:

Looking at Destineer's catalog, I'm betting this one's not going to be that great and is just a cash in.



V8_Ninja said:

Looks just "meh" to me. Might be good, might not be good. I'll wait for the review.



brandonbwii said:

A shame this game looks so bad. It's a genre mostly ignored on Wii. Maybe Ghost Recon: FS will be that fun "real-world" Wii shooter.



GamingAddict said:

Actually it was not developed exclusively for the Wii. In an interview the developers last year originally stated it was an updated port of the old XBOX game Close Combat First to Fight which was originally made by Destineer and published by 2k games. As well the original was released on PC and Mac. I will dig up a link that proves what I am saying. Once I found this out last fall I knew it was not worth looking into. I love how the developers have been telling people this is a "new" game. Nice how they release an old game, slap a new title on it and claim it was made exclusively for the Wii.

Also it is noted in real life that Destineer works hand in hand with the United States Marine Corp. in designing test simulations. I played the game when it was Close Combat and have no reason to buy this but I am assuming if you enjoyed Close Combat you might like this. From what I read as well there has been some tweaks to the AI mainly. Some guy on Youtube has a lot of video of it up if you type in the games title. Here is a link to the wikipedia that states it is a port etc.
Here is a link to some video footage.



AlexSays said:

Why the random article, the site have a partnership with the devs?

If the game was any good at all it would have made a splash when it came out in America.



Linkuini said:

"Modern Urban Combat"? Brilliant! For a second I thought it might have been part of the Modern Warfare Series! Plus, they claim it's a new game exclusively for Wii when it's already out in another country where nobody seems to want to remember it! Best! Video Game Scam! Ever!



Chrono_Cross said:

it's a new game exclusively for Wii

Actually I heard it's been on the PC for quite some time now.
Though all I know is that this is a very terrible game. It makes Far Cry Vengeance look actually good.



Vinsanity said:

It's from Destineer so it probably sucks. But it looks far better than most all of thier other efforts combined. What really intrigues me is that the you can see health bars for your squadmates on the bottom left of the screenshots. I'm hoping that there's an interesting squad based mechanic, and this is more like Brothers in Arms or - dare I dream - Valkyria Chronicles on a budget than just an uninspired Modern Warfare ripoff. I'll be looking for a review...

I found some footage of it on Youtube. Ironically, the user is called "Playstation Network"

@GameAddict. That's interesting. I've never played Close Combat: First to Fight, so it's new to me. That's the same attitude I took with Rogue Trooper and I'm happy with that, though I remember hearing that that was received pretty well on Xbox. I don't remember reviews for First to Fight, but I can see now that IGN Xbox gave it an 8. That's encouraging...



The_Fox said:

Wow, that's ugly even for a Wii FPS. Curious about whether NL will review it.



GamingAddict said:

I wonder if the parent company of Destineer that also owns Atomic Games that is working on Six Days in Fallujah has picked up a Publisher for Six Days.



shake_zula said:

@20: I'm not going to like the gameplay regardless so I didn't comment on that. It looked exactly the same as The Conduit (or any Wii FPS) to me - clumsy and irritating. This game definitely has a visual style more suited to the Wii than The Conduit did though.

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