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Creating La Mulana Room Guardians

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Find out where bosses really come from.

The official La Mulana Blog has just released a new post regarding the creation of Room Guardians for the game that should be of interest to fans of the game and those who are curious about the upcoming WiiWare release of La Mulana.

If you've ever wondered how they create and put together the bosses for video games, this is a great insight into the creation process.

We'll keep you updated on the developmental progress of La Mulana, and we'll have a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service later this year. So stay tuned!


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pixelman said:

This game is looking incredible. Check out the Test Play 3 video on the right of the page. Getting a lot of Castlevania ReBirth vibes. :3



V8_Ninja said:

Very interesting post. As a Game Maker user, it's best for me to know that the first time is not always the last time.



Ravage said:

It certainly looks like an interesting game. We shall wait and see.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm very interested in this game. It looks like it is going to be one of the best games available on WiiWare. Too bad that it is such a long ways off.



Adam said:

Beautiful 16-bit! I'm getting a lot of Probably a million times better than Castlevania ReBirth vibes. :1

Way to go, Nigoro!

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