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Interviews: Gevo Entertainment - GhostSlayer

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Take a lesson in ghostbusting from the game's producer

Upcoming WiiWare release GhostSlayer wants to put the power to vanquish spirits in your hand, and we've had a word with Lim Ming Jie, the game's producer, on exactly how they intend on doing so.

What's the premise of GhostSlayer? Who are these ghosts and why do they need slaying?

Lim Ming Jie: The Ghost Queen is the most vicious and powerful ruler of the underworld. To forbid her from doing evil, she had been confined in Hell by the gods for thousands of years. Unfortunately she manages to escape one day.

The ghosts are summoned by the Ghost Queen. Some are summoned from the skeletal remains of ancient soldiers while others are tormented souls that followed the Ghost Queen from Hell. The ghosts have laid waste to a nearby town within a week, bringing destruction to anything they come in contact with. It is up to the player to put a stop to her reign of chaos. Players will play as a GhostSlayer, one who has ability to banish evil spirits through the use of a magical sword.

Why does the Ghost Queen want to destroy the world? It sounds like she has some issues she needs to work through.

LMJ: Yes, I guess she has some issues. There is always an ultimate evil character that tries to destroy the world in many games. The Ghost Queen has been confined in hell for ages and she wishes for nothing more than that everyone join in her suffering. She can’t wait to release her wrath onto the mortal world when she found the gateway - the well through which she could escape from hell.

We've busted ghosts and slayed vampires, but never slayed ghosts (or busted vampires, we suppose). How exactly does one go about slaying ghosts?

LMJ: The main character carries a magical sword with which he can harness the power to expel evil spirits. The concept of slaying ghosts with the sword derives from an ancient Chinese belief that evil spirits can be dealt with the same way as human enemies. Some old Taoist charms also depict legendary figures slaying ghosts with their sword.

How is the game set up? Is it a Punch-Out!!-esque sword fighter or will players be able to move around as well?

LMJ: It’s a Punch-Out!!-esque sword fighter on rails. The character will move about but players will not be able to control his movement. In this way, players are able to fully concentrate on just the fighting and not worry about movement.

Which came first, GhostSlayer or MotionPlus?

LMJ: Wii MotionPlus came first. We wanted to take advantage of the technology of the Wii MotionPlus to create an action game with the sensation of slaying and vaporizing ghosts.

The game's atmosphere seems to be shaping up quite spookily. What games, works, eras, et al influenced the art direction?

LMJ: With GhostSlayer, we wanted to portray a spooky feel since it’s a ghost slaying game. Because we wanted the game to appeal to a wide audience, we initially went with a cute and stylized art direction. We quickly realized that this did not work and we eventually decided to go with a slightly more realistic approach to better bring out the atmosphere of the game.

Is there a leveling/upgrade system in place?

LMJ: Yes, there is a simple upgrade system that improves the power meter and unlocks new swords for the player to wield. We decided against a more complicated upgrade system to make the game accessible to a larger number of players.

How about multiplayer support?

LMJ: There is no multiplayer support for the current game. We will definitely consider multiplayer support if there is a sequel.

When can players expect to have a go at subduing the Ghost Queen's appetite for destruction?

LMJ: Players can expect to have a feel of the game soon. The development of the game has been completely finished. We will announce the release date as soon as we receive confirmation from Nintendo.

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bro2dragons said:

interesting.... this kinda came out of nowhere... don't be surprised if Rage of the Gladiator sees my money and not this one, though, as the similarities may keep me from buying both.



Sean_Aaron said:

I really enjoy the kendo game in Wii Sports Resort, so this seems like a no-brainer if it's done well.

Nice interview Jon, you cheeky devil!



Hardy83 said:

It's WiiWare, On rails is probably the only way to go. lol I mean Nintendo won't raise the stupid size limit past 40MB.

That said I did enjoy the Sword rail thing in Wii Sports and this does look a lot like what Dragon Quest Swords might be like with M+. It's on my radar.

...Upset that it's on rails...yesh.. lol



warioswoods said:

I wish you'd asked them about developing for Motion Plus, and how difficult it was to properly handle the calibration, compared to programming for the normal Wii motion controls.



KDR_11k said:

Why didn't they add bows so you can shoot ghosts with a bow instead of a sword when you want... If you're going about ripping stuff from Wii Sports Resort you can just as well combine some of it.



warioswoods said:


That's still a possibility for Zelda Wii. I'm hoping that a little bit of the swordplay, archery, and frisbee throwing (except now a boomerang) from WSR will be incorporated . . . and then Link and Gannon can settle their differences on the court in an epic 3-point contest.



VegimightSamich said:

yeah the whole "on-rails" thing sucks but im still picking this up day one. What other New game can i use with WII m+. exactly



Machu said:

What a nice surprise, I really like the sound of this.

WiiWare + Motionplus + Slaying = Win!



bro2dragons said:

... that guy in the "game cover"... is he... a Super Saiyan?!?! h... h... his power level... it's OVER 9,000!!!!!!



Rogues said:

On Rails does disappoint me a little but I suppose if it's done right it could still be as much fun as HOD:overkill was. I'm not a huge fan of rail based games but given the limits of WiiWare maybe it makes more sense.
The motion plus will be the true make or break for the game and I'm glad to hear more games are taking advantage of it. The whole reason I bought into the Wii console was how you are able to interact with a game as opposed to just mashing buttons for hours on end. I I am hoping more developers start to approach making Wii games with motion+.



bro2dragons said:

you know, i really don't get why everybody is so "disappointed" by the fact that it's on rails. on rails just means it's a DIFFERENT kind of game... not a LESSER kind of game. you can create just as entertaining an experience either way. just take the game for what it is and get over yourselves.



Ren said:

this looks fantastic. I haven't had as much fun with a game in a while as I did with the battle mode in Sports Resort and this looks to be the same but with a more "adult" approach. I also don't understand peoples' complaint about a rails fighter, either; It would really ruin the playability of a game like this especially with motion plus. The focus needs to be the sword play not where you move. This leaves the path of most creepiness and atmosphere up to the program so you can focus on sword skills. I really wouldn't want to deal with searching around for trinkets and doors when I should be focused on whos going to pop out next and what kind of strike to use.
I studied kendo for years as a kid and using the proper single strike at the right moment is really what's most important and frankly most fun. Dealing with pathways would really be too much. In a spaceship, maybe it'd be disappointing but on foot with a sword, the path is not important to the experience.



KrazyKain said:


i'm not bothered about the onrails either.. BUT i dont beleive it would ruin the game.. we'll see when Red Steel 2 comes out

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