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Last Flight Bloodies Up Facebook

Posted by James Newton

Talk to Bloober Team ahead of the game's launch

If you're in the market for a bloody good time on WiiWare (groan) you're probably looking forward to Bloober Team's Last Flight, the cartoon-style slasher due out in the near future. Well, you'll probably also be interested in the launch of its new official Facebook page, which just launched today.

Don't take our word for it though - gaze lovingly at this press release, soak in its information and then check out the brand new screenshots at the bottom of the story.

Bloober Team today has unveiled Facebook page for its upcoming action-adventure horror, Last Flight, along with three new screenshots showing the game in action.

On the new Facebook page gamers can connect with other fans of the game, request features and stay updated on everything Last Flight. The page will be updated with every bit of coverage the game receives, as well as additional materials, such as artworks or screenshots.

“We want to be in touch with people and our Facebook page is a great way to interact with them,” said Marcin Kawa, Executive Producer, Bloober Team. “We’re making this game for you and I can promise that every comment will be carefully considered. Don’t be shy, join us today and speak up!”

Last Flight is an action-adventure horror split into four episodes, spiced up with some dark humor, unique characters and a great combo system. Main character, Larry Adelman - a bald, chubby food critic - is unfortunate enough to be on the same plane as a bunch of bloodthirsty creatures. Equipped with two meat cleavers he tries to survive and find out what the hell are vampires doing on that plane.

As promised, here's some new screenshots of the arterial aerial action, and don't forget to swing by the game's Facebook page, and let them know Nintendo Life sent you.

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SilentJ said:

I was just thinking about this game the other day. I seriously can't wait for this one!



Ren said:

wow, this looks so awesome. And Wiiware? I'm hyped for this. Another great creative use of the Wii's limitations and on Wiiware, too. I seriously think the Wii still has a couple great years ahead of it despite what some people say, thanks to the work of some indie devs like this.



Caliko said:

I was just thinking of this game the other day too. I figured it was vaporware since it's by Nibris and was announced before Wiiware even launched. I'm surprised new details have shown up.



Bloober_Team said:

Caliko, Nibris and Bloober Team are 2 different companies. Right now we have nothing in common with Nibris.

Thank you for all your comments. We are trying to show that WiiWare game doesn't mean poor quality but really good product. This is why we are working at Last Flight so long. But game is almost ready right now



Objection said:

Bloober-What's the word on a projected release date? And is the game still being delivered in chapters, or will it be one game with DLC?



Donatello said:

lol...i love how Matt C on IGN is again the ONE to cover another so called 'mature' hardcore wii

Anyways, I really dig the idea of the game, but i have a feeling it's going to be another repetitive, shallow and mindless brawler.



Donatello said:

lol...well, like i said great idea. Love the fact that you're not some typical built male lead, while instead you're a fat food critic which is very original...and vampires on a plane, sounds good....definitly beats snakes ;p

Honestly this game alraedy sticks out in my mind just based on the idea and overall is unique.

But as far as gameplay goes, like i said I hope it's not a typical stale brawler. As far as the graphics go in the screen shots, i dig the style, looks good. And what's up with the Twilight/Bella illustration in the cominc?lol weather this game is good or bad it has already totaly stood out in my mind as something that definitly sticks out, eh..that's creativity for ya.

Anyways,. I'm sold on the idea. If the gameplay delivers it's a buy for me...just take your sweet as time with the game and make it something you guys will be proud of. Too many companies release garbage and dont give a damn weather it's good or not. where's the pride?



Tsuchinoko said:

@Donatello Whats wrong with a built male lead? Like Snake's behind in Metal Gear Solid 2 and Brawl, its just more stuff to stare at

Anyway, i hope this game makes it out onto our systems soon.



Thomas_Joseph said:

Why are there motherfriggin vampires on a motherfriggin plane!?!?

If this gets uttered at all in the game, I'll bust up laughing.



Bloober_Team said:

Game is still going in chapters. But each chapter will be long enough.
I can't tell any certain date yet but game is beta-tests so it should be really soon

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