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Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot
Last Flight Screenshot

Last Flight News

  • News Last Flight Gameplay Footage Lands at Long Last

    Mythical WiiWare game appears

    In development for years, Last Flight has been rather quiet of late, but Bloober Team has just been in touch to send over the latest gameplay footage and promotional artwork for the game with a short update on its status. The team is seemingly well aware of its game's reputation, judging from this cheeky portion of the...

  • Interviews Marcin Kawa - Bloober Team

    Executive producer slices and dices about the team's upcoming aviation nightmare

    You don't see a whole lot of blood and guts on WiiWare, so Bloober Team's upcoming episodic vamp-fest Last Flight certainly stands out among the crowd. We spoke to Marcin Kawa of Bloober Team about how development is going, getting beat to the pop culture punch on...

  • News Last Flight Bloodies Up Facebook

    Talk to Bloober Team ahead of the game's launch

    If you're in the market for a bloody good time on WiiWare (groan) you're probably looking forward to Bloober Team's Last Flight, the cartoon-style slasher due out in the near future. Well, you'll probably also be interested in the launch of its new official Facebook page, which just launched today...

  • News Bloober Team Unveils New Last Flight Screens

    Oh, I'm ready for it, come on, bring it.

    It's been a while since we last heard about Bloober Team's episodic WiiWare action-adventure horror title Last Flight, but fret not! The undead are still the greatest threat to aviation this side of snakes and we've got some fresh screens to prove it. The cel-shaded chop-'em-up stars Larry Adelman, a portly...

  • News Last Flight - New Screenshots

    After revealing an amusing comic strip and the fact that Last Flight will be in fact a series of episodic games. WiiWare World can now exclusively reveal the latest screenshots from this upcoming WiiWare game.

    We think you’ll agree that the cell shaded style looks particularly good for a downloadable title crammed into 40MB. The news about the...

  • News Snakes On A Plane - Last Flight Comic Teaser

    Today we can reveal a cheeky little comic strip teaser from the game which pokes fun at the Snakes on a Plane B movie of 2006. Our Polish friends must have been knocking back on the vodkas pretty hard when they came up with this latest artwork.

    It turns out that Last Flight will be episodic in nature with each new episode being released 3-4 months...

  • News Last Flight - Artwork!

    Polish developer Bloober Team recently sent us four new pieces of artwork from their new point-and-click action title Last Flight which you can see below.

    The game takes place on a passenger airline where gamers can take control of either American chef Larry Adelman or Romanian dhampir Anna. Your task is to basically fight and slay the many vampires...

About The Game

Larry Adelman is a 38-year-old American travelling to Europe to write books about cuisines of the world (he is a culinary critic).

Short, chubby and bald man distinguishes himself by a sharp language and black sense of humour. At the same time, he has an optimistic attitude to life, which makes him able to stay calm and have hope in even the most difficult situation.

On the same plane, sitting next to Larry, is Anna; wearing a mourning, yet sexy dress. She is a 30-year-old beautiful Romanian girl, travelling to her country to bury her father (resting now in the coffin in the cargo hatch). In the opening we can see Larry chatting and joking with Anna, seemingly coming to like each other.

As a result of strong turbulences, Anna’s father body falls out of the coffin. It turns out he was not quite dead – he is a vampire. This sudden event makes Jan (that is his name) awake and hungry after being asleep – unnoticed, he starts attacking the passengers of the plane. The plague of vampirism spreads quickly. The only person knowing how to deal with it is Anna, as she turns out to be a specialist in tracking vampires. The situation forces her to make Larry a quick course in this field.