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myNotebook Boxes Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

A little fun and games!

Nnooo has just released a brand new video of their upcoming DSiWare application myNotebook in action. In this video you'll be shown a quick game of Boxes using this unique DSiWare application.

You can check out the full video below and we'll have a full review of the application as soon as it hits the DSiWare service. We'll also let you know if any new information surfaces in the meantime. We're nice like that.

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Machu said:

Sweet, it's that game, that you can play using paper. I don't get it. 0_o



Blue_Cat said:

Most people don't walk around with a piece of graph paper in their pockets. They're more likely to have their DSi. And if there's paper on the DSi, they'll have paper wherever they go.

I'm still not really sure if I want to get this. It depends on if I have any points left over.



Machu said:

Well, I carry graph paper round with me all the time, you never know when you might fancy a game of boxes.

Looks like a nice app, but most people use their phones for quick notes. I'll download it if it's free, which it isn't.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I love this game.

Except I always called it Dots.

I wonder if my version is compatible with MyNotebook.



Percentful said:

@Chicken I have always called it the dot to dot game. I can think of a million games you can play with paper. I'm not sure I want this, though. Depends if I have points after the games I want.



Chony_Lee said:

Wouldn't you have to hand the Dsi back and forth? A real notebook would be easier for this too, two people can huddle around it better than a Dsi. I just don't get this app.



Pastry said:

I like the idea of this whole Notebook thing. It will be very useful for me.



jangonov said:

ok, that's cool and all, but I wouldn't call it a main feature until you add an automatic scoring system in the game. Would it be that hard to make a mode that can keep track of a basic score from completing a box?



Sylverstone said:

I may get it, but I am still undecided.

If I had more points, I'd spring for this and Reflection (Monday).

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