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Wed 18th Nov 2009

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langsterguy commented on Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin 3:

AWESOME!!! I remember when I first got Pikmin and thought it would be a dumb game and I loved it, then got Pikmin 2 which I played for a long time and finally beat it.
I'm so exited. I wonder if there will be new types of Pikmin.



langsterguy commented on WiiWare Demo Program Proving Successful:

Well when I played the demos for World of Goo, and Pokemon rumble I was going to buy them, but didn't have enogh points at the time. But I do know that the demo realy made me want World of Goo.



langsterguy commented on Voice of Mario Wanted To Voice Link:

I would never want Link to talk. Some one once asked me "Why wouldn't you like it if he talk?" I tried to explain to him, but he couldn't understand. Besides, when I read what characters say, I can use my own imagination on what there voice is really like and how they said it. Plus! Link doesn't have to talk. Why? Because you are the character. That's why you name your file i.e. (Brian) and characters talking to you call you (Brian).