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United States

Thu 8th Oct 2009

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Chony_Lee commented on First Look: myPostcards:

Sooooo.... on the camera function of the Dsi, you can already edit and draw on pictures you've taken, send them to facebook, etc. What Nnooo's done, is add a white space underneath the picture to write on and is going to charge morons for it. Genius!



Chony_Lee commented on myNotebook Boxes Video:

Wouldn't you have to hand the Dsi back and forth? A real notebook would be easier for this too, two people can huddle around it better than a Dsi. I just don't get this app.



Chony_Lee commented on Want More C.O.P.? Preorder at GameStop!:

I'm actually pretty excited about this game. I don't know if I'll preorder it, though, I'll probably just wait for the code to hit the net (probably that morning). If this game is 1/2 as good as Chinatown Wars I'll be satisfied.