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Yes, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Will Have A Preorder Bonus

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Series soundtrack available through GameStop

Another game, another preorder bonus. This time, it's for your ears!

Plunking down some of your hard-earned (or stolen) dollar bills at GameStop towards Konami's new non-combative reimagining of Silent Hill will net you a a nifty CD. Said CD will presumably have 18 of "your favorite tracks" from the entire series composed by Akira Yamaoka.

Soundtracks are cool and all, but this one doesn't have that same "oh sweet" factor that the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles t-shirt does. Still, if you planned on getting the game anyway then hey, free CD. It's even got your favorite tracks! How considerate.

SH:SM is listed for a November 3 release in North America, just missing Halloween.


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Crazed said:

May not be an art scroll, but I'm always a fan of (legally) free music, and Silent Hill is known for great music, so I think a pre-order is worth it.

"Plunking down some of your hard-earned (or stolen) dollars"
What's THAT supposed to mean?



Objection said:

I kind of lost interest in this when they removed all combat and replaced it with running (according to a preview I read.) Scarier, maybe. More fun to play, highly doubtful. I'll stick with my old SH's and RE:DC.



odd69 said:


I totally agree. I was going to give this a try as well,but no combat=no buy.
I also think they should have gave us an option to atleast pick up tools or branches up to use them for some type of defense.Realistically we would run,but when backed into a corner anyone's instinct would be to defend themselves.



WolfRamHeart said:

The CD soundtrack sounds like a pretty cool preorder bonus but I think that I'll just wait for a review of this game before I decide to buy it.



Egg_miester said:

holy ...i am so happy to hear this silent hill has always had epic music i miss my silent hill 3 cd but i have homecoming cd still

i am a sucker for game music i'll pre-order games to systems i don't own for a cd



LadyGamer1966 said:

Heck yes I am totally getting this game since I played the original one on the Ps2 when it was new! I'm a returning Wii owner so I haven't even seen a video trailer for or it or have much info. I'm pretty psyched and wish it was coming out on halloween.



brooks83 said:

The original was on PS1, not PS2...
Unless you meant you played the original on the PS2 when the PS2 was new



Stevie said:

Judging from the screenshots the graphics look a bit shoddy (even for a Wii), maybe they will be more polished for the final release + what is with the transvestite in the second screenshot?



edofthe209 said:

So, according to Gamestop this may actually be dropping on Dec 8th in North America. Good news to me, but I'll believe it when I have it in my cold dead hands... I think I said that wrong.

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