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Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Official Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the upcoming WiiWare puzzler in action.

Two Tribes have just sent over the brand new official trailer of their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush in action.

The game is currently in lot check at Nintendo, so it should see a release fairly soon if all goes according to plans. You can check out a snippet of information about the game, along with the official trailer of the game below.

Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH Highlights:

  • Original 3D puzzle solving gameplay
  • More than 70 brain-busting levels
  • Tailor-made Wii Remote control scheme
  • Conveyer Belts, Warps, Stop Signs, Directional Signs, Splits, and more.
  • Stylish environments
  • Classic Rubik's Cube in four sizes
  • Tutorial on how to solve the original Rubik's Cube
  • Unique score mode
  • Online leaderboards

RUSH is scheduled for a Q4 2009 release.

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We'll have more information on Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.


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Hardy83 said:

LOL Wow, someone made a Rubik's cube look fun and entertaining. Colour me impressed!



RogueTwo said:

I love the style of this game.
I probably buy it depending when it comes out.



Machu said:

Looks great, though I didn't expect it to be a 'plan ahead' kind of puzzler. And a bonus Rubiks Cube with online leaderboards? Nice!



Sean_Aaron said:

I do like the style of this. It looks really clean and the mechanic is interesting -- unlike the original Rubik's Cube!



Collo said:

I'm happy to see We've overcome Some of the initial skepticism!

As always feel free to ask away if you have any questions!




Ok Collo!
1. Is this game hard
2. Does only the Rubiks cube simulation have leaderboards?
3. Are YOU able to solve a Rubiks cube without cheating?
4. Is there any chance that this game might teach me something about solving a Rubiks cube?
5. What price point would you expect Nintendo to give it?
6. Do you enjoy homemade smoothies?



accc said:

Are the online leaderboards for the Rush game only, or the Rubik's Cube only, or both?



Reuf said:

@10 Let me answer those for you

1. we got 3 difficulty levels, easy medium and hard... And I can assure you, there are some really tricky puzzles in there
2. We added a special score mode to the rubik's cube as well, which can be seen as a different game. Basically you need to match the patterns on the frontmost side. Apart from the normal cubes, the score mode also has leaderboards.
3. Yes I am, Collin is not
4. Most definitely, we added a nine step tutorial to the game
5. We're still debating about it
6. Too much work



WolfRamHeart said:

I was a bit skeptical about this game at first but after watching this trailer I have to say that I am impressed. This game looks very interesting and fun. It looks like it can get pretty challenging as well. 70+ levels and online leaderboards is a big plus for me!
I have a couple of questions:
How do the controls work for this game?
Can you provide any information on the other Rubik's game(s) that are coming to WiiWare?
Thank you for your time!



Collo said:

The controls for RUSH are easy. You use the Wii Remote to select signs and you can then place, drag or remove them as you please. You can grab the camera by pressing A and B together, or you can use the nunchuk to rotated the camera.

For the Rubik's part there are two modes to control the game, one by dragging sides with the Wii Remote and the other by using the dpad while pointing at a part of the cube.



0-Watt said:

Heh, that voiceover sounds like the GameTrailers guy. Anyways, the game looks pretty cool.



stokley316 said:

whats the motivation to buy this since you can get the rubiks wii game for as low as $10 in the wal-mart bin now



Sean_Aaron said:

WiFi seems to be the main plus over the disc release. It's also another way of selling the game -- seems legit to me; especially for a collection of smaller games like Rubik's World which might not have received much notice as a retail disc release.



Collo said:

The game had received a total transformation, compared to the retail game. We have a ton more levels, new control scheme, different atyle and multiplayer rubiks modes with Wi-Fi leaderboards!

So do not mistake this for a quick port!

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