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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Confirmed For November Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Mark the 15th down in your diary, North American Nintendo fans

Nintendo has officially confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be hitting store shelves in North America on the 15th November.

The actual announcement comes as little surprise; a pre-Christmas release had been fully expected by many sectors of the industry and some had even ventured to guess that November would be the magic month.

There's no word on the European release date as yet, but fingers are firmly crossed that Euro Wii fans will be able to participate in some Mario-flavoured multiplayer action this holiday season.

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Corbs said:

Can't wait to review this one. This should be a great holiday season for gamers.



Sneaker13 said:

A Dutch site called gamed announced that 27 November, it will be released in Europe.



Golgo said:

Want online multiplayer. Dont want to sit on sofa at xmas playing alongside my sozzled granny and baby nephew. Know it wont happen, though, Shigeru-san said Wii isnt powerful enough (?!)...
Moan moan moan...



Tails said:

Had it Preordered Early and a head of time incase this was going to happen i can't wait till the 15th b etter put more money aside after KH 358/2 Days



Cheezy said:

I've been losing track of all the good games coming out since Starfy...I need alot of casharoo _



Knux said:

I'm going to pre-order this gem in October. I can't wait for this game!



rustythekid said:

pre-ordering this asap.
If this comes out on november 15th, that means I'll be getting it in late november, just in time for my yearly vacations that start on decemebr 1st
I love December.



Jave said:

This is a preorder. Not waiting for reviews or anything.

Classic Mario platforming! ON A CONSOLE!!



super-nintendo said:

If you shop on the USA, you can get $10 added to your credit account when you pre-order New Super Mario Bros. Wii.



rustythekid said:

@ super-nintendo
I noticed that too, I'm happy, I'll probably buy metroid prime trilogy with that.



Kid_A said:

WOOT! And here I thought I'd have to wait all the way until Christmas time!

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