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Retro Gamer Looks Back at the Virtual Boy

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo's much-maligned machine gets the retroinspection treatment

Here's some good news for those of you that have been keenly following Dave's excellent Virtual Boy reviews and are now thirsting for more information on the machine.

UK-based magazine Retro Gamer recently ran a 5-page feature on the platform in issue 64, which leading Virtual Boy site Planet Virtual Boy has kindly scanned and put online for your enjoyment.

The feature covers the history of the console and looks into the reasons for its failure, as well as speaking to Virtual Boy developers from the period.

Oh, and the author's name might ring some bells, too.

The issue is two months old but you can order back issues from the official Retro Gamer website here. If you're interested in getting hold of this highly-esteemed publication, those of you outside of the UK will be pleased to know that you can purchase a yearly subscription for as little as £70.00.


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James said:

I thought as much, you self-promoting son-of-a-gun.

I'll pick this up from Borders tomorrow!



Damo said:

You'll have a job. It's two months old now! I waited until now because I didn't want to harms sales of the magazine while it was still on the shelves.



jackaroo said:

I have this issue somewhere but I dont remember reading the article. I will probably go back and read it at some point. Ive always enjoyed the articles in retro gamer and im sure this is no exception.



Ristar42 said:

I've bought this mag since issue 1! Only games mag that comes close to the classics like Zzap!! and Crash for me.



Corbs said:

I might just get a subscription as I love this magazine. Thanks Damo.



timp29 said:

Hey wow I thought this story was about me! I'm not forking out 70 quid, so what does the magazine say about my favourite series, the last ninja??



Other_Dave said:

I was flicking through this again last night actually. Anyway 'tis a very good article so get reading people!



James said:

Serves me right for not reading the news article - doesn't bode well for my chances of making it through a Game Boy retrospective...

Many apologies, master!



Ristar42 said:

I think Retro Gamer is well worth a subscription if you cant just walk into a shop and buy it - and I don't work for them honestly (though that would be pretty great)...



OldBoy said:

Great read Damo.Thanks . Being in the UK I barely acknowledged the VB at the time. I would love to try one out.Interesting what is said at the end of the article about how they had only scratched the surface of it's capabilites.Has anyone tried to develop anything for it since? I wonder what they could do with it now? Shame the guy was shunned at nintendo he seems like a genius in a way! They should of given him another chance.



Damo said:

@Luigi78 - A small homebrew community has sprung up around the VB but I'm not sure anyone will take the machine as far as it can go, at least not in technical terms, anyway.



RaviC said:

I'd like to try some of the Virtual Boy games - particularly VB Wario Land and Mario Crash. It would be good if they could be put on VC.

Anyway, great article! I have read some issues of Retro Gamer before.



Ricardo91 said:

I haven't bought a single issue of RG since the one with the VC-R interview (though I've been meaning to order the history of star wars and Konami ones on back issue), so it looks like it's about time to head over to Barnes & Noble and get a new one.

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