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Professor Layton And The "Grand Smash Tournament"?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Twitter shenanigans drop sequel hints and rumors

Let's slap a big ol' "Rumor" disclaimer on this one before we go any further, shall we?

Just like the rest of the world, Professor Layton has gone and gotten himself an official Twitter account, where probably some intern over at Nintendo posts riddles and other assorted intellectual stimuli. Color us equally surprised and intrigued then when the good professor tweets about his invitation to a "Grand Smash Tournament." Hmmmmmmm.

Of all Nintendo's IP, Professor Layton is probably the least suited for participating in a round of fisticuffs (Up + B = riddle attack?) but attend he did, in an etheral sort of way.

This is nothing like what I expected! I was told to FIGHT a blue robot boy, a possessed doll, and a tiny boxer! I'm leaving at once!

Well, isn't that something. Geno, of Mario RPG fame, is perhaps an obscure choice for a fighter, but Mega Man and Little Mac would seem like natural fits to the roster.

With Brawl just over a year old now, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to learn that Nintendo is at least considering contestants for the next inevitable iteration. Still, Layton's Twitter account seems like an odd (yet clever, like the professor himself) outlet for teasing the info.


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Kid_A said:

Fake. It's fake. And yes, irken004 you did find it first! Don't let anyone ever forget that.



irken004 said:


It's not fake! the twitter is apparently run by someone who works for Nintendo (according to the IGN article)



No_No_No_Wrong_Way said:

Fake or not, I just really hope Little Mac is playable in the next game. He deserves to be more than just an assist trophy.



Mabbit said:

megaman sounds like a strang choice to me. it just doesnt fit the roster. geno and little mac sound perfectly fine to me. and layton....i don't know, he sounds like a weird fighter so I'll bet he'll be an assist trophy or something. my friend is the biggest Layton fan alive so hes gonna die when he hears this.

well i they are devolping a new smash game then they just set off a bomb. similar to me, the anxiety is probably killing a couple million smash fans out there already. i cant take the 1-3 years it will take to get this game out. im going to die if a new game is coming out...die



JonWahlgren said:

Mega Man doesn't fit the roster? He fits just as well as Snake and Sonic, if not more so.



Kid_A said:

Someone at Nintendo who wants his 15 minutes of fame. I'm guessing it's just some guy stirring up controversy. But if it's real...holy crap. Romantic Explosion.



MetalMario said:


...and Mega Man and Little Mac.

You know they were thinking about putting Mega Man in Brawl, but Nintendo had a fight with Capcom and it didn't happen.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Check out this recent post from his Twitter account:

"We had a wonderful discussion over supper about people reading too much into things. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course."

Sounds like a reference to this Smash thing, doesn't it? Or am I reading too much into things? Hmmm...

Also, did anyone else notice that Luke is on Twitter too, and they keep conversing? Cool marketing strategy.



SSBbrawler08 said:

Well, if this "Layton" guy on twitter is fake, and everything he's said is fake, I'm gonna be furious, cuz smash rocks and Geno rocks even harder!! Plus I'm not really a "huge" brawl fan, in case u were wondering



mjc0961 said:

"It's not fake! the twitter is apparently run by someone who works for Nintendo (according to the IGN article)"

Because IGN has always been a fountain of reliability.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah...I read the IGN article, and it really didn't have a source for that info. Seemed to be a conclusion they came to, though I must admit I came to the same conclusion myself just reading the Twitter pages. They're filled with marketing, and not just for Layton. Example:

"Honestly @MedliSage, I'm not entirely sure when Flora picked up how to cook either. She just played that Personal Trainer DS game and voila!"

That's some suspicious product placement, isn't it?



Chunky_Droid said:

"megaman sounds like a strang choice to me. it just doesnt fit the roster."

Uh, what? He'd be perfect, I've been plotting what he'd be like in a Smash game.

B - Blaster (can be charged while running)
Down B - Slide Attack
Up B - Pulls a copter out similar to Snake
Side B - Dash Attack

Special Ability: When you Smash an opponent out of the arena, you steal their B ability (I thought against him changing colour as it would be too confusing in a battle with more than one Megaman). Just to make things fair, you can dismiss this ability by pressing Z.

Final Smash: He calls in Rush to adapt into Megaman for a short period of time to make Super Mega Man (Megaman 7) who can hover around and use the Super Knuckle to instantly knock foes out.

He'd basically be a mix of Kirby, Snake and Samus



Noire said:

Man, it'd be sweet to see those guys in Smash, especially Mega Man. I really hope this isn't a tease (which would make me more than a little sad), but it would seem like an odd way to announce a new SSB.

Now to get my Golden Sun fanboyism out of the way: you mean he DIDN'T fight a blonde kid with the magical powers of earth? Why not? WHY CAN'T ISAAC BE IN SUPER SMASH BROS?!



MrDziekuje said:

Megman? He'd be good, but the only Capcom character I want in SSB is Leon S. Kennedy. I don't care if he's a Snake clone. DO WANT.



SSBbrawler08 said:

I agree with Phoenix Sage, Isaac is a PERFECT character for smash, he just fits right in. The fact that he's only an assist trophy is sad. Isaac should be in Megaman, he would be decent, and he would fit in better with smash than Marvel vs. Capcom



metakirbyknight said:

Let me be the first to say Proffessor Layton is not the least qualified of Nintendo's IP, the Miis from Personal Trainer: Walking are.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@metakirbyknight: I'm pretty sure some people WANTED Mii compatability with Brawl, though...
I'm still annoyed that Mike from StarTropics didn't get so much as an Assist Trophy in Brawl. This needs fixing in the next game!



Toon_Link said:

I don't think Layton should be in SSB.
Starfy. Starfy should be in SSB.

I also think that the next game should be called SSB Rumble!



SSBbrawler08 said:

Wait, how could Starfy be in smash, that seems odd to me. His assist trophy is a joke, starfy is cool, but, as a smash character?...i dont think so



ZettaToad said:

Five years later, and both Mega Man and Little Mac have been confirmed. Bizarre coincidence, or extremely subtle foreshadowing? You decide.

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